3 Definitions of Inoculation

The meaning of the word inoculation, the definition of Inoculation:

n. - The act or art of inoculating trees or plants.

n. - The act or practice of communicating a disease to a person in health, by inserting contagious matter in his skin or flesh.

n. - Fig.: The communication of principles, especially false principles, to the mind.

The word "inoculation" uses 11 letters: A C I I L N N O O T U

No direct anagrams for inoculation found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after inoculation, or to inoculation in any order:

m - columniation   s - inoculations inosculation  

Shorter words found within inoculation:

acini act actin actinon action ai ail ain aioli ait al alit alnico aloin alt alto an ancon ani anil anilin anion anionic annul annuli anoint anon ant anti antic antlion at atonic auction aulic aunt auto cain calo can cannoli cannot canon cant canto canton cat cation catlin caul caution ci ciao cilia cion citola cl clan clintonia clit clon cloot clot clout coal coalition coat coati coil coin coital coition coitional col cola colin colon coloni colt coltan con conation coni conin conn contain continua continual continuo conto coo cool coolant coon coot cot cotan cotilion count countian cul cult culti cunt cut cutin ic icon ictal ii il ilia iliac in inaction incant incaution incult inia inion inn inocula inoculant inti into inula inulin inunct ion ionic iota it italic la lac laic lain lat lati latino li licit lii lin linac linin linn lino linocut lint lion lit litai litu lo loan loca location loci loco locution loin loo loon loot lot lota loti lotic lotion lout luna lunatic lunation lunt na nail nan naoi nation nautili niacin nicol nicotin nil nit nitinol niton no noil nolo non nona noncoital noncola noo noon not nota notal notion notional noun nounal nu nun nuncio nut oat oca octal octan octanol oculi oil oilcan ola olio on onion ontic onto oolitic oot otc otic out outlain ta taco tail tain talc tali talion talon tan tannic tao tau tauon ti tic tical til tin tincal to toil tola tolan tolu toluic ton tonal tonic too tool toon toucan tui tun tuna tunic tunica ulan ulna ult un unai unci uncia uncial uncinal uncini unco uncoil uncool unction union unit unlit unnail until unto ut uta

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