3 Definitions of Inset

The meaning of the word inset, the definition of Inset:

n. - That which is inserted or set in; an insertion.

n. - One or more separate leaves inserted in a volume before binding; as: (a) A portion of the printed sheet in certain sizes of books which is cut off before folding, and set into the middle of the folded sheet to complete the succession of paging; -- also called offcut. (b) A page or pages of advertisements inserted.

v. t. - To infix.

The word "inset" uses 5 letters: E I N S T

Direct anagrams of inset:

neist nites senti stein tines tsine

Words formed by adding one letter before or after inset, or to inset in any order:

a - tenias tineas tisane   c - incest insect nicest   d - teinds   f - feints finest infest   g - ingest signet tinges   h - theins   i - seniti   l - elints enlist inlets listen silent tinsel   n - sennit tennis   p - instep spinet   r - estrin inerts insert inters niters nitres sinter triens trines   s - insets steins   t - sitten   u - tenuis unites unties   v - invest   w - twines wisent  

Shorter words found within inset:

en ens es et ie in ins inst is it its ne nest net nets nit nite nits sei sen sent set si sin sine sit site snit te ten tens ti tie ties tin tine tins tis

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