3 Definitions of Insignificant

The meaning of the word insignificant, the definition of Insignificant:

a. - Not significant; void of signification, sense, or import; meaningless; as, insignificant words.

a. - Having no weight or effect; answering no purpose; unimportant; valueless; futile.

a. - Without weight of character or social standing; mean; contemptible; as, an insignificant person.

The word "insignificant" uses 13 letters: A C F G I I I I N N N S T

No direct anagrams for insignificant found in our database.

Shorter words found within insignificant:

acing acini act actin acting actings actins acts aft ag agin agist ai ain ains ais ait aits an angiitis angst ani anis anisic ant anti antic antics anting antings antis ants as asci at cain cains can caning canning cannings cans canst cant canting cants casing casini cast casting cat cats cf cgs ci cig cigs cis cist citing fa facing facings fact facts fag fagin fagins fags fain faint fainting faints fan fang fangs fanning fans fas fast fasting fat fating fats fiat fiats ficin ficins fig figs fin financing financings fining finings finis finnan finning fins fisc fist fistic fisting fit fits ft gain gains gainst gait gaits gan gas gast gat gats giant giants gift gifts gin gins gist git gits gnat gnats ic icing icings if ifs ii iii in incant incanting incants incasing incising inciting infant infants inga inia inn inning innings inns ins insignia inst instancing inti intis is isatin isatinic it its na nag nagi nags naif naifs nan nans nastic ng niacin niacins nisi nit nits sac sag sain saining saint sainting sang saning sat sati satin sating scag scan scanning scant scanting scat si sic sift sifting sign significant sin sing sinning sit siting snag snit stag staig stain staining stang staning stannic sting ta tag tags tain tains tan tang tangs tannic tannin tanning tannings tannins tans tas ti tic tics tin ting tings tining tinning tins tis

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