2 Definitions of Intellectualize

The meaning of the word intellectualize, the definition of Intellectualize:

v. t. - To treat in an intellectual manner; to discuss intellectually; to reduce to intellectual form; to express intellectually; to idealize.

v. t. - To endow with intellect; to bestow intellectual qualities upon; to cause to become intellectual.

The word "intellectualize" uses 15 letters: A C E E E I I L L L N T T U Z

No direct anagrams for intellectualize found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after intellectualize, or to intellectualize in any order:

d - intellectualized   r - intellectualizer   s - intellectualizes  

Shorter words found within intellectualize:

ace acetin acini acne act actin aculei acute ae ai ail ain ait al ale alec alee alien alienee aline alit all allee allele allelic allice allicin alt alunite an ane anele ani anil anile ant ante anti antic anticellulite anticult antielite at ate atelic atilt att attic attune aulic aunt auntie azine cain call callet can cane cant cantle cat cate catlin cattie cattle caul cauline cee ceil cel cell cella cellae celli cellule cellulite celt cent centai cental centile centu cetane cete ci cilia cilial ciliate cine cite citizen cl clan clean cleat client cliental clientele clinal cline clit clitella clue ctene cue cuittle cul culet cull cullet cult culti cuneal cuneate cunt cut cute cutie cutin cutinize cutlet cutline cuttle eat eaten eau eclat ecu eel el elain elan elate elect elicit elint elite ell eluant eluate eluent elute en enact enate enatic enlace entail entia entice entitle enucleate et eta etic etna etui eucaine ic ice ictal ie ii il ilea ileac ileal ilia iliac ilial ill illite in incite incult inia inlace inlet intact intellect intellectual inti intitle intitule intuit inula inutile it italic la lac lace lacune laic laicize lain lall lance lancelet lancet lane lat late lateen laten latent lati latinize latte latten lattice lattin launce laze lazuli lazuline lazulite lea leal lean leant lectin lee leet lei lent lentic lenticel lenticule lentil let lettuce leu leucin leucine leucite lez li liane lice licente licentiate licit lie lien lienal lieu lii lilac lilt lin linac line lineal lineate linecut lint lintel lit litai lite litten little litu liza luce lucent luetic lull luna lunate lunatic lune lunet lunette lunt lute lutea luteal lutein luteinize lutz na nacelle nae nail nautili nazi ne neat nee nellie net nett nettle nice nictate niece nielli nil nill nit nite nu nucelli nucleal nucleate nuclei null nut nutate nutlet ta tace tacet tacit tact tactile tae tael tail taille tain taint talc tale talent tali tall tallit tan tat tate tatu tau taunt taut tauten te tea teal teat teazel teazle tec tecta tectal tee teel teen tel tela telae tele telia telial telic tell telltale telnet ten tenace tenail tenaille tenet tenia teniae tent tentacle tentie tenuti tet tetanic tetanize ti tic tical tie til tile till tillite tilt tin tincal tinct tine tinea tineal tint tit titan titanic titi titian title tui tuille tule tulle tun tuna tune tunic tunica tunicae tunicate tunicle tut tutee uintaite ulan ulna ulnae ult un unai unci uncia unciae uncial uncle unit unite unitize unlace unlet unlit untie until ut uta utile utilize zeal zeatin zee zein zeta zill zin zinc zincate zincite zit ziti

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