2 Definitions of Interactive

The meaning of the word interactive, the definition of Interactive:

adj.all - used especially of drugs or muscles that work together so the total effect is greater than the sum of the two (or more)

adj.all - capable of acting on or influencing each other

The word "interactive" uses 11 letters: A C E E I I N R T T V

No direct anagrams for interactive found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after interactive, or to interactive in any order:

a - anticreative  

Shorter words found within interactive:

ace acetin acini acne acre act actin active ae aerie ai ain air airn airt ait aiver an ane ani ant ante antevert anti antic antre ar arc are areic arenite arete ariette art at ate att attic attire ave aver avert cain cairn can cane caner cant canter car care careen caret carn carnet carnie cart carte carve carven cat cate cater cattie cattier cave caver cavern cavetti cavie cee cent centai centare center centiare centra centre cerate ceratin cere ceria cerite cert certain cervine cetane cete ci cine cire cite citer citrate citrin citrine cittern cive civet civie cran crane crate crave craven create creatin creatine creative crenate cretin crinite ctene cv ear earn eat eaten eater eave ecarte eirenic en enact enactive enate enatic enter entera enteric entia entice enticer entire entreat entric envier er era ere erect erica ern erne et eta etic etna eve even event ever evert evict evince evite iatric ic ice icier ie ii in inactive incite inciter increate inert inertia inertiae inia intact inter interact intertie inti intreat intricate invar invert invite invitee inviter ira irate ire irenic it iterance iterant iterate iterative itinerate iv iva na nacre nae naevi naive naiver naivete narc naric native natter nattier nave navette navicert ne near neat neater nectar nee nerita neritic nervate nerve net nett netter nettier neve never nevi nice nicer nictate niece nieve nit nite niter niterie nitrate nitre nitric nitrite nittier race rain ran rance ranee rani rant rat rate ratine ratite ratteen ratten rave raven ravin ravine re react reactive reave rec recane recant recent recitative recite recta recti ree reenact rei rein reincite reinvite reive rent rente ret retain rete retia reticent retie retina retinae retine retinite retint rev revet ria riant rice ricin rin rite rive riven rivet ta tace tacet tacit tacrine tact tae tain taint tan tanrec tantric tar tare tarn tart tat tate tater tav tavern te tea tear teat tec tecta tee teen ten tenace tenet tenia teniae tenrec tent tenter tentie tentier terai terce tercet tern ternate terne tertian tet tetanic tetra tetri ti tic tie tier tierce tin tinct tine tinea tinier tint tinter tire tit titan titanic titer titi titian titre trace tract tractive train trainee trait trance trave treat tree treen tret trevet triac trice triene trine trite trivet trivia tv vac vain vainer vair van vane var vat vatic vee veena veer vein veiner veinier vena venae venatic venire vent venter vera verite vert vet veteran vi via viatic vicar vice vie vier vii vina vinca vine vinic vinier vita vitae vitiate vitrain vitric vitrine vitta vittae

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