1 Definitions of Intergalactic

The meaning of the word intergalactic, the definition of Intergalactic:

adj.pert - between or among galaxies

The word "intergalactic" uses 13 letters: A A C C E G I I L N R T T

No direct anagrams for intergalactic found in our database.

Shorter words found within intergalactic:

aa aal aalii acari acarine accent accreting ace acentric aceta acetal acetic acetin acierating acinar acing acini acinic aclinic acne acre acritical act acta actin actinal acting actinia actiniae actinic ae aecia aecial aegir aerating aerial ag aga again agal agar agaric agate age agent agential ager agile agin agitate aglare aglet aglitter agnail agnate agnatic agria ai aiglet aigret ail ailing ain air airing airline airn airt airting ait al ala alae alan alane alang alant alar alate alcaic ale alec alegar alert alerting alga algae algin alginate alien align aligner aline aliner alit alt altar alter alterant altercating altering an ana anaclitic anal analcite analgetic ane anear anergia anergic anga angel angelic angelica anger angle angler anglice ani anicteric anil anile anlace anlage ant anta antae antalgic antarctic ante anti antiair antiar antic anticar antiglare antler antra antral antre ar arc arcane arcing arctan arctic are area areal areca areic arena argal argali argent argental argentic argil argle aria ariel arietta aril arnica art artal artel article articling at atactic atar ate atelic atilt atingle atria atrial att attain attainer attar attic attire attiring caca cacti caeca caecal caecilian cage cager cagier cain cairn calcanei calcar calcine calcite calean can canal cancel cancer cane caner cant cantatrice cantatrici canter cantic canticle cantle car carat carate carcanet carcel care caret carina carinae carinal carinate caring carl carle carlin carline carling carn carnage carnal carnet carnie cart cartage carte cartel cartilage carting cat cate catena cater cateran catering catlin catling cattail cattie cattier catting cattle cc ceca cecal ceil ceiling cel celiac celt cent centai cental centra central centric centrical ceratin cerci ceria ceric cering cert certain ci cicala cicale cig cigar cigaret cilia ciliate cilice cine circa circinate circle circlet circling cire cite citer citing citral citrange citrate citric citrin citrine cittern cl clag clan clang clanger claret clarinet clatter clattering clean clear clearing cleat cleating cleg cleric client cline cling clinger clingier clinic clit clitic clitter craal craaling crag cran crane crania cranial craniate crate crating creatin creating cretic cretin cringe cringle crinite critic critical ear earing earl earn eat eating eclair eclat ectatic egal el elain elan elating elicit elint en enact enatic enclitic eng engirt engrail entail entia entric er era erg erica ern et eta etic etna gae gaen gain gainer gainlier gait gaiter gal gala galactic gale galea galena galenic gan gane gantlet gar gari garlic garnet garni gat gate gean gear gel gelant gelati gelatin gelt gen genial genic genii genital genitalia genitalic gent gentil geranial get geta giant gie gien gilt gin girl girlie girn girt git gitana gittern gittin glace glaciate glacier glair glaire glance glancer glare glean glen glia glint glitter gnar gnarl gnat gnattier graal grace gracile grail grain gran grana granita granite granitic grant grat grate gratin gratine great grin grit iatric iatrical ic ice icicle icier icing ictal icteric ictic ie ignatia ignite igniter ii il ilea ileac ilia iliac in incage incite inciter inert inertia inertial inga ingate ingle ingrate ingratiate inia inlace inlet inlier intact intagli integral inter interact inti intitle intreat intricate ira irate ire irenic irenical iring it italic iterant iterating la laager laari lac lace lacer lacerating lacier lacing laciniate lactate lactating lactean lactic lag lagan lager laic lain lair lairing laitance lanai lanate lance lancer lancet lane lang lar large lari lariat lariating larine larn lat latanier late laten latent later lateritic lati latinate latria latrine latte latten latter lattice latticing lattin lea lean leant lear learn learnt lectin leg legit lei lent lentic let letting li liana liane liang liar lice licit lie lien lier ligan ligate liger ligne lignite lii lin linac linage line linear liner ling linga linger lingier linier lint linter lintier lira lire liri lit litai lite liter literati litigant litigate litre litten litter littering na nacre nae nag nagi nail nailer naira narc nargile narial naric natal natter nattier ne near neat nectar nerita neritic net nett ng nice nicer nictate nigra nil nilgai nit nite niter nitrate nitre nitric nitril nitrile nitrite nittier race racial racing rag raga rage ragi raglan raia rail railing rain raita rale ran rance rang range rani rant rat ratal ratan rate ratel ratine rating ratite ratlin ratline rattail rattan ratten ratting rattle rattling re react reactant reacting reagin reaginic real realia realign reata reattain rec recant recital reciting recta rectal recti reg regain regal regalia regatta regilt regina reginal regna regnal rei reign rein relacing relating reliant relic relict relit renail renal renig rent rental ret retag retail retailing retain retaliating retia retial retiling retina retinal retint retitling retting ria rial riant riata rice ricin ricing rictal riel rig rile riling rin ring ringlet ringtail rite ta tace tacet tacit tacrine tact tactic tactical tactician tactile tae tael taenia tag taiga tail tailer tailgate tailgater tailing tailrace tain taint taira tala talar talc talcing tale talent taler tali tan tanager tang tanga tangier tangle tangler tanglier tanrec tantalic tantra tantric tar tare targe target taring tarletan tarn tarnal tart tartan tarting tat tatar tate tater te tea teacart teal tear tearing teat tec tecta tectal teg tel tela telia telic ten tenail tenia tent terai terga tergal tern tertial tertian tet tetanal tetanic tetra tetri ti tiara tic tical tictac tie tieing tier tiering tiger til tile tiler tiling tilt tilter tilting tin tincal tinct tine tinea tineal ting tinge tingle tingler tinglier tinier tint tinter tire tiring tirl tirling tit titan titania titanic titer titi titian title titling titre trace tracing tract tractile tragi tragic tragical trail trailing train trait trance treat treating trenail tret triac triage trial triangle trice tricing trig trinal trine trite triticale

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