3 Definitions of Interline

The meaning of the word interline, the definition of Interline:

v. t. - To write or insert between lines already written or printed, as for correction or addition; to write or print something between the lines of; as, to interline a page or a book.

v. t. - To arrange in alternate lines; as, to interline Latin and English.

v. t. - To mark or imprint with lines.

The word "interline" uses 9 letters: E E I I L N N R T

No direct anagrams for interline found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after interline, or to interline in any order:

d - interlined   r - interliner   s - interlines  

Shorter words found within interline:

eel el elint elite en enter entire er ere ern erne et ie ii il in inert inlet inlier inn inner inter intern interne inti intine ire it lee leer leet lei lenient lent lenten let li lie lien lier lierne lii lin line linen liner linier linin linn linnet lint linter lintier lire liri lit lite liter litre ne nee nene net nil nine niner nit nite niter niterie nitre nitril nitrile re ree reel rei rein relent relet reline relit renin rennet rent rente ret rete retie retile retine riel rile rin rite te tee teel teen tel tele ten tenner tern terne ti tie tier til tile tiler tin tine tinier tinner tinnier tire tirl tree treen triene trine

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