1 Definitions of Invigorated

The meaning of the word invigorated, the definition of Invigorated:

imp. & p. p. - of Invigorate

The word "invigorated" uses 11 letters: A D E G I I N O R T V

No direct anagrams for invigorated found in our database.

Shorter words found within invigorated:

ad ade adient adit ado adore adoring adorn adroit advent advert adverting ae aegir aeon aero ag age aged agent ager agin agio ago agon agone ai aid aide aider aiding aigret ain air aired airing airn airt airted airting ait aiver an and ane aneroid anger ani anode ant ante anted anti antired antre ar ardent are argent argon argot arid aroid aroint arointed art arvo at ate atone atoned atoner ave aver avert averting avid avidin avion avo avodire avoid avoider avoiding dag dago daintier dang danger danio dare daring darn dart darting date dater dating dative dato daven davit de deair deairing dean dear deaving deign den denar denari denarii deni dent deraign derat derating derivation deriving derv detain detrain dev deva deviant deviating deviation deviator devoir devon devoting dg diatron die dieing diet dieting dig digit din dinar dine diner dinero ding dinge dinger dingier dingo dinitro dint diorite dire dirge dirt dit dita dite diva divan dive diver divert diverting divine diviner diving divot do doat doating doe doer dog doge dogear dogie dogvane doing doit don dona donate donative done dong donga dor dore dot dotage dote doter dotier doting dove doven drag dragnet dragon dragonet drain drat drave dreg drive driven driving droit drone drove droving ear earing earn eat eating ed edit editing edition editor egad ego en end eng engird engirt entia envoi eon er era erg ergo ergot eringo ern eroding et eta etna evading eviting gad gadi gae gaed gaen gain gained gainer gait gaited gaiter gan gander gane ganev ganoid gar garden gari garnet garni garote garoted gat gate gated gator gave gavot gean gear ged gen genii genitor genoa genro gent geoid get geta giant gid gie gied gien gin gird girn girned giro giron girt girted git gitano give given giver gnar gnat go goa goad goat god godet goer goiter goitre gonad gone goner gonia gonidia gor gore gored got govern grad grade gradient gradin gradine grain grained gran grand granite granitoid grant granted grat grate grated gratin gratine grave graved graven gravid graviton great grid gride grievant grin grind griot grit grivet groan groaned groat groin groined grot grove groved id idea ideating ideation idiot ie ignite ignited igniter ignitor ignore ignored ii in indie indigo indite inditer indri inedita inert inertia inga ingate ingot ingoted ingrate inia inro inroad inter inti into intro invade invader invar invert invigorate invite invited inviter iodate iodating iodin iodinate iodine ion ionate iota ira irade irate ire ired irid iring iron irone ironed it iv iva ivied na nadir nae naevi naevoid nag nagi naive naiver naoi nard nardo native nave ne near neat negator negro negroid neo nerd nerita neritid net nevi nevoid ng nide nidget nidi nigra nit nite niter nitid nitre nitrid nitride nitro no nod node nodi nog noir nor nori noria norite not nota note noted noter nova novae novate oar oared oaring oat oaten oater od ode odea oe ogive ogre oidia on onager onagri one or ora orad orang orange orate orated orating ordain ordinate ore oread organ organdie orgeat orient origan origin originate originated ornate ort ova ovate oven over overing overt ovine rad radii radio radioing radon rag rage raged ragi raid raiding rain rained ran rand rang range ranged rani ranid rant ranted rat rate rated ratine rating ratio ration rationed rato rave raved raven ravigote ravin ravine ravined raving re read reading reagin reaving red redan redating redia reding redo redoing redon reg regain regina region regna rei reign rein reiving rend renig rent renvoi ret retag retain retia retina retinoid rev revoting ria riant rid ride rident ridge riding rig rigatoni rigid rin rind ring ringdove ringed riot rioted rioting rite rivage rive rived riven rivet riveting riving road roadie roan rod rode rodent roe rot rota rote roti rove roved roven roving ta tad tae tag tain tan tang tanged tangier tango tangoed tangor tao tar tardive tardo tare tared targe taring tarn taro tav tavern te tea tear tearing ted teg teiid teind ten tend tenia tenor terai terga tern ti tide tidier tiding tie tied tieing tier tiering tiger tigon tin tinder tine tinea tined tineid tineoid ting tinge tinged tinier tirade tire tired tiring tiro to toad tod toe toea toed toeing tog toga togae togaed ton tondi tone toned toner tong tonga tonged tonger tonier tor tora tore tori torii torn trad trade trading tragi train trained trave tread treading trend triad triage triaged tried trig trigo trigon trine trined trio triode trivia trod trode trona trone trove tv vagi vain vainer vair van vane vaned vang vanitied var varied vat veg vegan vein vena vend vendor vent vera verdant verdin vert vertigo vet veto vetoing vi via viand viator vide video vie vied vier vig viga vigor vii vina vine vined vinegar vinier vino vintage vintager virago vireo virga virgate virgin virid virino virion viroid vita vitae vitrain vitrine voe vogie void voider voiding vote voted voter voting

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