4 Definitions of Isle

The meaning of the word isle, the definition of Isle:

n. - See Aisle.

n. - An island.

n. - A spot within another of a different color, as upon the wings of some insects.

v. t. - To cause to become an island, or like an island; to surround or encompass; to island.

The word "isle" uses 4 letters: E I L S

Direct anagrams of isle:

leis lies

Words formed by adding one letter before or after isle, or to isle in any order:

a - aisle   b - biles eblis   c - ceils slice   d - deils delis idles isled sidle slide   f - files flies   h - heils shiel   k - likes   l - lisle   m - limes miles slime smile   n - lenis liens lines   o - solei   p - piles plies slipe speil spiel spile   r - liers riels riles slier   s - isles   t - islet istle stile tiles   u - ileus lieus   v - evils levis lives veils   w - lewis lweis wiles   x - lexis silex  

Shorter words found within isle:

el els es ie il is lei li lie lis sei sel si

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