1 Definitions of Isomorphous

The meaning of the word isomorphous, the definition of Isomorphous:

a. - Having the quality of isomorphism.

The word "isomorphous" uses 11 letters: H I M O O O P R S S U

No direct anagrams for isomorphous found in our database.

Shorter words found within isomorphous:

hi him hip hips his hiss hm ho homo homos hoop hoops hop hops hour houri houris hours hr hum humor humors hump humps hums hup imp imporous imps is ism isms isomorph isomorphs mho mhos mi mir miro mirs mis miso misos miss mo mohur mohurs moo moor moorish moors moos mop mopish mops mor morosoph morph morpho morphos morphs mors mos mosh moss mosso mph ms mu mus mush muss oh ohm ohms oho ohs om oms ooh oohs oomph oomphs oops op opium opiums opossum ops opus or ors os osmious osmous ouph ouphs our ours phi phis pi pious pis pish piso pisos piss piu poh poi pois pom poms pooh poohs poor poori pooris poorish porism porisms porous posh possum pour pours prim primo primos prims primus prism prisms priss pro prom promo promos proms pros proso prosos pross psi psis pur puri puris purism purisms purs pus push puss rho rhos rhus rim rimous rims rimu rip rips risus rom romish romp rompish romps roms room rooms roup roups rpm rum rump rumps rums rush sh shim shims ship ships shmo shoo shoos shop shops shri shrimp shrimps shris si sim simp simps sims sip sips sir sirs sirup sirups sis so soh som sop soph sophism sophs sopor sopors sops sori sorus sos sou soup soups sour sourish sours soursop sous spoor spoors spur spurs sr sri sris sum sumo sumos sump sumps sums sup sups sushi uh um ump umps up upo ups us

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