1 Definitions of Kinematics

The meaning of the word kinematics, the definition of Kinematics:

n. - The science which treats of motions considered in themselves, or apart from their causes; the comparison and relation of motions.

The word "kinematics" uses 10 letters: A C E I I K M N S T

No direct anagrams for kinematics found in our database.

Shorter words found within kinematics:

ace aces acetin acetins acini acme acmes acne acnes act actin actinism actins acts ae ai aim aims ain ains ais ait aits akin am amen amens ament aments ami amice amices amici amie amies amin amine amines aminic amins amis amities amnesic amnestic amnic an ane anemic anes ani anime animes animi animis animise animist anis anise anisic ant ante antes anti antic antick anticks antics antis ants as ascent asci ask at ate ates atm cain cains cake cakes cakiest cam came cames camise cams can cane canes canities cans canst cant cants case casein casini cask casket cast caste cat cate cates catkin catkins cats cent centai centas cents cesta cesti ci cine cineast cinema cinemas cines cis cist cite cites cities cm east eat eats ekistic em emic emit emits ems en enact enacts enatic ens entia es et eta etamin etamins etas etic etna etnas ic ice iceman ices iciest ick ickiest ie ii ikat ikats imine imines in incase incest incise incite incites inia ink inkiest inks inmate inmates ins inseam insect inset inst intake intakes inti intima intimae intimas intime intis is isatin isatine ism it item items its ka kae kaes kain kainit kainite kainites kainits kains kame kames kami kamsin kane kanes kas kat kats kc kea keas ken kens kent ki kin kina kinas kinase kine kinema kinemas kinematic kines kinesic kinetic kinetics kins kismat kismet kismetic kist kit kite kites kits km knit knits kt ma mac mace maces mack macks macs mae maes main mains maist make makes man mane manes manic manics mans manse mantes mantic mantis mas mask mast mastic mat mate mates matin matins mats me mean means meant meat meats mei men menisci mensa menta mesa mesian mesic met meta metic meticais metis mi mica micas mice mick micks mien miens mike mikes min mina minae minas mince minces minciest mine mines mini miniate minis mink minke minkes minks mint mints mis misact misate miscite mise miseat mist mistake mistaken mite mites mitis ms msec na nae nam name names nastic nates ne neat neats neck necks neist nema nemas nematic nest net nets nice nicest nick nicks nim nims nisei nisi nit nite nites nits nm sac sack sae saice saimin sain saint sake saki same samek samite sane sank santimi sat sate satem sati satin scam scan scant scat scena scent sea seam seat sec secant sect sei semantic sematic semi semina sen seniti sent senti set seta si sic sice sick sicken sickie sika sike sim sima simian sin since sine sink sit site ska skat skate skean skein ski skim skin skint skit skite smack smit smite snack snake sneak sneck snick snit stack stain stake stamen stance stane stank steak steam stein stem stick stickman stickmen stime stink ta tace taces tack tacks tae tain tains take taken takes takin takins tam tame tamein tameins tames tamis tams tan tank tanks tans tas task te tea teak teaks team teams teas tec ten tenia tenias tens ti tic tick ticks tics tie ties tike tikes tiki tikis time times tin tine tinea tineas tines tink tins tis tisane tsine tsk

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