3 Definitions of Lasher

The meaning of the word lasher, the definition of Lasher:

n. - One who whips or lashes.

n. - A piece of rope for binding or making fast one thing to another; -- called also lashing.

n. - A weir in a river.

The word "lasher" uses 6 letters: A E H L R S

Direct anagrams of lasher:

ashler halers

Words formed by adding one letter before or after lasher, or to lasher in any order:

b - herbals   c - clasher larches   d - heralds   e - healers   f - flasher   i - hailers shalier   o - shoaler   p - plasher spheral   s - ashlers lashers slasher   t - halters harslet lathers slather thalers   u - haulers   v - halvers   w - whalers  

Shorter words found within lasher:

ae ah al ale ales als ar are ares arles ars arse as ash ear earl earls ears eh el els er era eras ers es ha hae haes hale haler hales hare hares harl harls has he heal heals hear hears her herl herls hers hes hl hr la lah lar lares lars las lase laser lash lea lear lears leas leash lehr lehrs rah rale rales ras rase rash re real reals res resh rhea rheas sae sal sale sea seal sear sel selah ser sera seral sh sha shale share she shea sheal shear sr

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