11 Definitions of Leap

The meaning of the word leap, the definition of Leap:

n. - A basket.

n. - A weel or wicker trap for fish.

n. - The act of leaping, or the space passed by leaping; a jump; a spring; a bound.

n. - Copulation with, or coverture of, a female beast.

n. - A fault.

n. - A passing from one note to another by an interval, especially by a long one, or by one including several other and intermediate intervals.

v. i. - To spring clear of the ground, with the feet; to jump; to vault; as, a man leaps over a fence, or leaps upon a horse.

v. i. - To spring or move suddenly, as by a jump or by jumps; to bound; to move swiftly. Also Fig.

v. t. - To pass over by a leap or jump; as, to leap a wall, or a ditch.

v. t. - To copulate with (a female beast); to cover.

v. t. - To cause to leap; as, to leap a horse across a ditch.

The word "leap" uses 4 letters: A E L P

Direct anagrams of leap:

pale peal plea

Words formed by adding one letter before or after leap, or to leap in any order:

a - palea   c - place   d - padle paled pedal plead   g - plage   h - aleph   i - pilea   l - lapel   m - ample maple   n - panel penal plane plena   p - appel apple pepla   r - paler parle pearl   s - lapse leaps pales peals pleas salep sepal spale   t - leapt lepta palet petal plate pleat tepal  

Shorter words found within leap:

ae al ale alp ape el la lap lea pa pal pe pea pel

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