11 Definitions of Leer

The meaning of the word leer, the definition of Leer:

n. - An oven in which glassware is annealed.

n. - The cheek.

n. - Complexion; aspect; appearance.

n. - A distorted expression of the face, or an indirect glance of the eye, conveying a sinister or immodest suggestion.

a. - Empty; destitute; wanting

a. - Empty of contents.

a. - Destitute of a rider; and hence, led, not ridden; as, a leer horse.

a. - Wanting sense or seriousness; trifling; trivolous; as, leer words.

v. t. - To learn.

v. i. - To look with a leer; to look askance with a suggestive expression, as of hatred, contempt, lust, etc. ; to cast a sidelong lustful or malign look.

v. t. - To entice with a leer, or leers; as, to leer a man to ruin.

The word "leer" uses 4 letters: E E L R

Direct anagrams of leer:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after leer, or to leer in any order:

a - laree   b - rebel   c - creel   d - elder   f - fleer refel   g - leger   m - merle   p - leper repel   s - leers reels   t - relet   v - elver lever revel   y - leery  

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eel el er ere lee re ree

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