2 Definitions of Lucrative

The meaning of the word lucrative, the definition of Lucrative:

a. - Yielding lucre; gainful; profitable; making increase of money or goods; as, a lucrative business or office.

a. - Greedy of gain.

The word "lucrative" uses 9 letters: A C E I L R T U V

Direct anagrams of lucrative:

revictual victualer

Words formed by adding one letter before or after lucrative, or to lucrative in any order:

e - ulcerative   l - victualler   s - revictuals victualers   u - aviculture   y - curatively  

Shorter words found within lucrative:

ace acervuli acre act active aculei acute acuter ae ai ail air airt ait aiver al ale alec alert alit alive alt alter ar arc are areic ariel aril art artel article arui at ate atelic aulic aurei auric auricle ave aver avert calve car care caret carl carle cart carte cartel carve carvel cat cate cater caul cave caver cavie cavil caviler ceil cel celt ceria cert ci cire cite citer citral cive civet cl claret clave claver clavi clavier clear cleat clit clue clv crate crave cruel cruet cue cul culet cult culti cultivar culver culvert cur curate curative cure curet curia curiae curial curie curite curl curt curtail curtal curve curvet cut cute cuter cutie cutler cv ear earl eat eau eclair eclat ecru ecu el eluvia er era erica eruct ervil et eta etic etui evict evil ic ice ictal ie il ilea ileac ira irate ire it iv iva la lac lace lacer lacier laic lair lar lari lat late later lati lav lave laver lea lear lei let leu lev leva li liar lice lie lier lieu lira lire lit lite liter litre litu liv live liver livre luce lucre luetic lure lute lutea luv lv lvi race rail rale rat rate ratel rave ravel re react real rec recital recta rectal recti recut rei relic relict relit reluct ret retail retia retial reticula rev ria rial rice rictal riel rile rite ritual rival rive rivet rivulet rue rule rut rutile ta tace tae tael tail tailer talc tale taler tali tar tare tau tav te tea teal tear tec tel tela telia telic terai ti tic tical tie tier til tile tiler tire tirl trace trail trave travel triac trial trice truce true tui tule tv ulcer ult ultra ulva uracil uraei uralite urate uratic urea ureal ureic uretic urial uric ut uta uteri utile utricle uvea uveal vac vail vair vale valeric valet value valuer var varlet vat vatic vatu vau vault vaulter vaultier veal veau veil vela velar vera vert vertical vertu vet vi via vial vicar vice victual vie vier vile viler viral virl virtu virtual virtue vita vitae vital

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