4 Definitions of Mast

The meaning of the word mast, the definition of Mast:

n. - The fruit of the oak and beech, or other forest trees; nuts; acorns.

n. - A pole, or long, strong, round piece of timber, or spar, set upright in a boat or vessel, to sustain the sails, yards, rigging, etc. A mast may also consist of several pieces of timber united by iron bands, or of a hollow pillar of iron or steel.

n. - The vertical post of a derrick or crane.

v. t. - To furnish with a mast or masts; to put the masts of in position; as, to mast a ship.

The word "mast" uses 4 letters: A M S T

Direct anagrams of mast:

mats tams

Words formed by adding one letter before or after mast, or to mast in any order:

a - atmas   e - mates meats satem steam tames teams   h - maths   i - maist tamis   l - malts smalt   o - atoms moats stoma   p - stamp tamps   r - marts smart trams   s - masts   t - matts   u - mauts   y - mayst  

Shorter words found within mast:

am as at atm ma mas mat ms sat ta tam tas

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