3 Definitions of Masterly

The meaning of the word masterly, the definition of Masterly:

a. - Suitable to, or characteristic of, a master; indicating thorough knowledge or superior skill and power; showing a master's hand; as, a masterly design; a masterly performance; a masterly policy.

a. - Imperious; domineering; arbitrary.

adv. - With the skill of a master.

The word "masterly" uses 8 letters: A E L M R S T Y

No direct anagrams for masterly found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after masterly, or to masterly in any order:

k - stylemark  

Shorter words found within masterly:

ae aery al ale alert alerts ales alme almes alms als alt alter alters alts am amyl amyls ar are ares arles arm armet armets armlet armlets arms army ars arse art artel artels arts artsy arty aryl aryls as aster at ate ates atm ay aye ayes ays ear earl earls early ears east easy eat eats el elm elms elmy els elytra em ems er era eras ers erst es estral estray et eta etas etyma eyas eyra eyras la lam lame lamer lames lamest lams lamster lar lares lars las lase laser last laster lat late later lats lay layer layers lays lea lear lears leary leas least lest let lets ley leys lm lyart lyase lye lyes lyrate lyre lyres lysate lyse ma mae maes male males malt malts malty mar mare mares marl marls marly mars marse mart marts mas maser mast master mastery mat mate mater maters mates matey mateys matres mats may mayest mays mayst me meal meals mealy measly meat meats meaty mel mels melt melts merl merls mesa met meta metal metals ml ms my myrtle myrtles rale rales ram ramet ramets rams ras rase rat rate ratel ratels rates rats ray rays re real realm realms reals realty ream reams relay relays rely rem rems res resay rest ret rets rya ryas rye ryes sae sal sale salt salter salty same samlet sat sate satem satyr say sayer sea seal seam seamy sear seat sel ser sera seral set seta setal slam slat slate slater slatey slaty slay slayer sly slyer smalt smart smartly smarty smear smeary smelt sr stale staler star stare stay stayer steal steam steamy stela stelar stem stey stray stream streamy sty stye stylar style styler ta tae tael taels tale taler talers tales tam tame tamely tamer tamers tames tams tar tare tares tars tas te tea teal teals team teams tear tears teary teas tel tela tels teras term termly terms tesla tram tramel tramels trams tray trays trey treys try tryma tsar tye tyer tyers tyes tyre tyres ya yam yams yar yare yarest ye yea year years yeas yeast yes yet ylem ylems yr

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