1 Definitions of Meningeal

The meaning of the word meningeal, the definition of Meningeal:

a. - Of or pertaining to the meninges.

The word "meningeal" uses 9 letters: A E E G I L M N N

Direct anagrams of meningeal:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after meningeal, or to meningeal in any order:

a - emalangeni   l - enamelling   p - empaneling  

Shorter words found within meningeal:

ae ag age agee agene agile agin aglee ai ail aim ain al ale alee algin alien align aline alme am amen ami amie amin amine an ane anele aneling angel angelim angle ani anil anile anime eagle eanling eel egal el elain elan elemi elm em email eme en enamel enamine enema eng engine enigma gae gaen gain gal gale gam game gamin gamine gan gane gean gee gel gem geminal gen gene genial genie gie gien gimel gin gleam glean glee gleeman glen glia glim glime gm ie il ilea image in inane inga ingle inn la lag lain lam lame laming lane lang lea lean leaning lee leg legman legmen lei leman li liane liang lie liege liegeman lien ligan ligne lima liman lime limen limn lin linage line lineage lineman linemen linen ling linga lingam linn lm ma mae mag mage magi mail maile main male malign maline man mane manege mange mangel mangle me meal mealie mean meanie meaning meg mei mel melange melanin melena men menage menial mg mi mien mig mil milage mile mileage min mina minae mine minge mingle ml na nae nag nagi nail nam name naming nan ne nee neem nema nene ng nil nim nine nm

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