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The meaning of the word mirage, the definition of Mirage:

n. - An optical effect, sometimes seen on the ocean, but more frequently in deserts, due to total reflection of light at the surface common to two strata of air differently heated. The reflected image is seen, commonly in an inverted position, while the real object may or may not be in sight. When the surface is horizontal, and below the eye, the appearance is that of a sheet of water in which the object is seen reflected; when the reflecting surface is above the eye, the image is seen projected against the sky. The fata Morgana and looming are species of mirage.

The word "mirage" uses 6 letters: A E G I M R

Direct anagrams of mirage:

gamier imager maiger maigre

Words formed by adding one letter before or after mirage, or to mirage in any order:

b - gambier   c - grimace   e - reimage   l - gremial   m - gammier   n - germina mangier reaming   p - epigram primage   r - armiger   s - gisarme imagers mirages   t - migrate ragtime   y - imagery  

Shorter words found within mirage:

ae aegir ag age ager ai aim aimer air am ami amie amir ar are arm ear em emir er era erg gae gam game gamer gar gari gear gem germ gie gm gram grim grime ie image ira ire ma mae mag mage magi mair mar mare marge me meg mei mg mi mig mir mire rag rage ragi ram rami ramie re ream reg regma rei rem ria rig rim rima rime

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