7 Definitions of Mitre

The meaning of the word mitre, the definition of Mitre:

n. - A covering for the head, worn on solemn occasions by church dignitaries. It has been made in many forms, the present form being a lofty cap with two points or peaks.

n. - The surface forming the beveled end or edge of a piece where a miter joint is made; also, a joint formed or a junction effected by two beveled ends or edges; a miter joint.

n. - A sort of base money or coin.

v. t. - To place a miter upon; to adorn with a miter.

v. t. - To match together, as two pieces of molding or brass rule on a line bisecting the angle of junction; to bevel the ends or edges of, for the purpose of matching together at an angle.

v. i. - To meet and match together, as two pieces of molding, on a line bisecting the angle of junction.

n. & v. - See Miter.

The word "mitre" uses 5 letters: E I M R T

Direct anagrams of mitre:

merit miter remit timer

Words formed by adding one letter before or after mitre, or to mitre in any order:

a - imaret   b - timber timbre   c - metric   d - mitred   e - metier reemit retime   h - hermit mither   i - mitier   l - milter   n - minter remint   p - permit   r - retrim trimer   s - merits mister miters mitres remits smiter timers   u - iterum   x - remixt  

Shorter words found within mitre:

em emir emit er et ie ire it item me mei met mi mir mire mite re rei rem ret rim rime rite te term ti tie tier time tire trim

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