14 Definitions of Mount

The meaning of the word mount, the definition of Mount:

n. - To rise on high; to go up; to be upraised or uplifted; to tower aloft; to ascend; -- often with up.

n. - To get up on anything, as a platform or scaffold; especially, to seat one's self on a horse for riding.

n. - To attain in value; to amount.

v. - A mass of earth, or earth and rock, rising considerably above the common surface of the surrounding land; a mountain; a high hill; -- used always instead of mountain, when put before a proper name; as, Mount Washington; otherwise, chiefly in poetry.

v. - A bulwark for offense or defense; a mound.

v. - A bank; a fund.

v. t. - To get upon; to ascend; to climb.

v. t. - To place one's self on, as a horse or other animal, or anything that one sits upon; to bestride.

v. t. - To cause to mount; to put on horseback; to furnish with animals for riding; to furnish with horses.

v. t. - Hence: To put upon anything that sustains and fits for use, as a gun on a carriage, a map or picture on cloth or paper; to prepare for being worn or otherwise used, as a diamond by setting, or a sword blade by adding the hilt, scabbard, etc.

v. t. - To raise aloft; to lift on high.

v. - That upon which a person or thing is mounted

v. - A horse.

v. - The cardboard or cloth on which a drawing, photograph, or the like is mounted; a mounting.

The word "mount" uses 5 letters: M N O T U

Direct anagrams of mount:

muton notum

Words formed by adding one letter before or after mount, or to mount in any order:

a - amount outman   o - mouton   s - mounts mutons   t - mutton  

Shorter words found within mount:

mo mon mot mu mun muon mut nm no nom not nu nut om on out to tom ton tum tun um un unto ut

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