1 Definitions of Napiform

The meaning of the word napiform, the definition of Napiform:

a. - Turnip-shaped; large and round in the upper part, and very slender below.

The word "napiform" uses 8 letters: A F I M N O P R

No direct anagrams for napiform found in our database.

Shorter words found within napiform:

ai aim ain air airn am ami amin amino amir amnio amp an ani apron ar arf arm fa fain fair fan fano far farm faro fiar fin fino fir firm firman firn foam foin fon fop for fora foram form frap fro from if imp in inarm info inform infra inro ion ira iron ma main mair man mano manor map mar mi min mina minor mir miro mo moa moan moira mon mop mor mora morn na naif nam naoi nap nim nip nipa nm no noir nom noma nomia nor nori noria norm oaf oar of om on op or ora orpin pa pain pair pam pan par pi pia pian piano pima pin pina pion pirn poi pom porn pram prao prim prima primo prion pro proa prof prom rain ram rami ramp rampion ran rani rap ria rif rim rima rin rip roam roan rom roman romp rpm

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