14 Definitions of Near

The meaning of the word near, the definition of Near:

adv. - At a little distance, in place, time, manner, or degree; not remote; nigh.

adv. - Nearly; almost; well-nigh.

adv. - Closely; intimately.

adv. - Not far distant in time, place, or degree; not remote; close at hand; adjacent; neighboring; nigh.

adv. - Closely connected or related.

adv. - Close to one's interests, affection, etc.; touching, or affecting intimately; intimate; dear; as, a near friend.

adv. - Close to anything followed or imitated; not free, loose, or rambling; as, a version near to the original.

adv. - So as barely to avoid or pass injury or loss; close; narrow; as, a near escape.

adv. - Next to the driver, when he is on foot; in the Unted States, on the left of an animal or a team; as, the near ox; the near leg. See Off side, under Off, a.

a - Immediate; direct; close; short.

a - Close-fisted; parsimonious.

prep. - Adjacent to; close by; not far from; nigh; as, the ship sailed near the land. See the Note under near, a.

adv. - To approach; to come nearer; as, the ship neared the land.

v. i. - To draw near; to approach.

The word "near" uses 4 letters: A E N R

Direct anagrams of near:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after near, or to near in any order:

a - anear arena   c - caner crane nacre rance   d - denar redan   e - ranee   f - frena   g - anger range regna   l - learn renal   m - namer ramen reman   p - arpen   r - reran   s - earns nares nears saner snare   t - antre   v - raven   w - rewan   y - yearn  

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ae an ane ar are ear en er era ern na nae ne ran re

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