2 Definitions of Nitrated

The meaning of the word nitrated, the definition of Nitrated:

a. - Combined, or impregnated, with nitric acid, or some of its compounds.

a. - Prepared with nitrate of silver.

The word "nitrated" uses 8 letters: A D E I N R T T

No direct anagrams for nitrated found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after nitrated, or to nitrated in any order:

a - antitrade attainder   e - intreated   g - deratting   p - trepidant   s - transited   u - unattired  

Shorter words found within nitrated:

ad ade adient adit ae ai aid aide aider ain air aired airn airt airted ait an and ane ani ant ante anted anti antired antre ar ardent are arid art at ate att attend attire attired dare darn dart date dater de deair dean dear den denar denari deni dent derat detain detrain die diet din dinar dine diner dint dire dirt dit dita dite drain drat ear earn eat ed edit en end entia er era ern et eta etna id idea ie in inert inter intreat ira irade irate ire ired it iterant na nadir nae nard natter nattier ne near neat nerd nerita net nett nide nit nite niter nitrate nitre rad raid rain rained ran rand rani ranid rant ranted rat rate rated ratine ratite ratted ratten re read red redan redia rei rein rend rent ret retain retia retina retint ria riant rid ride rident rin rind rite ta tad tae tain taint tainted tan tar tare tared tarn tart tarted tat tate tater te tea tear teat ted teind ten tend tenia tent terai tern tertian tet tetra tetrad tetri ti tide tie tied tier tin tinder tine tinea tined tint tinted tinter tirade tire tired tit titan titer titre trad trade train trained trait tread treat trend tret triad trident tried trine trined trite

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