1 Definitions of Nonelective

The meaning of the word nonelective, the definition of Nonelective:

adj.all - filled by appointment rather than by election

The word "nonelective" uses 11 letters: C E E E I L N N O T V

No direct anagrams for nonelective found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after nonelective, or to nonelective in any order:

s - nonelectives nonselective  

Shorter words found within nonelective:

cee ceil cel celt cenote cent centile cento cete ci cine cineol cineole cion cite citole cive civet cl cleveite client cline clit clon clone clot clove cloven clv coil coin coinvent col cole colin colt con cone coni conin conine conn connive conte convene convent cot cote cove coven covet covin ctene cv eel el elect election elective eleven elevon elint elite eloin en enceinte enliven enol enolic entice entoil envoi eon et etic etoile eve evection even event evict evictee evil evince evite ic ice icon ie il in inlet inn into intone invent ion it iv lectin lection lee leet lei lenience lenient leno lent lenten lentic lento leone leonine let lev levee levin levo li lice licente lie lien lieve lin line linen linn linnet lino lint lion lionet lit lite liv live liven lo loci loin lone lot loti lotic love lv lvi ne nee nene neo neon neotenic net neve nevi nice nicol niece nieve nil nine nit nite niton no nocent noel noetic noil non nonce none nonelect nonelite nonet not note notice novel novice oe oil ole oleic olein oleine olive on once one online ontic otc otic oven ovine te tec tee teel teen tel telco tele telic teloi ten tenno tenon ti tic tie til tile tin tine to toe toil toile tole ton tone tonic tonne tv vee veil vein veinlet veloce venin venine vent vet veto vi vice vie vile vine vino viol violence violent violet voe voice voile vole volt volte volti vote

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