1 Definitions of Obfuscating

The meaning of the word obfuscating, the definition of Obfuscating:

p. pr. & vb. n. - of Obfuscate

The word "obfuscating" uses 11 letters: A B C F G I N O S T U

No direct anagrams for obfuscating found in our database.

Shorter words found within obfuscating:

ab abo abos about abs abusing abut abuts acing acinous acinus act actin acting actings actins action actions acts aft ag agin agio agios agist agnostic ago agon agonic agonist agons agouti agoutis ai ain ains ais ait aits an angst ani anis ant anti antibug antic antics antis ants anus as asci ascot at atonic atonics auction auctions aunt aunts auto autoing autos ba bacon bacons bag bagnio bagnios bags bait baits ban banco bancos bang bangs bani bans bas basic basin basing basion bast basting bastion basuco bat bating baton batons bats bi bias big bigos bigot bigots bigs bin bingo bingos binocs bins bint bints bio biogas biont bionts bios biota biotas bis bison bit bits bo boa boas boast boasting boat boating boatings boats bog bogan bogans bogs bogus boing bonaci bonacis bong bongs bonita bonitas bonsai bonus bos bosc bosun bot bota botanic botas bots bousing bout bouts bufo bug bugs bun buna bunco buncos bung bungs buns bunt bunts bus busing bust bustic busting but buts cab cabin cabins cabs cain cains can cans canso canst cant canto cantos cants cantus casing casino cast casting cat cation cations cats causing caution cautions cf cgs ci ciao cig cigs cion cions cis cist coast coasting coat coati coating coatings coatis coats cob cobia cobias cobnut cobnuts cobs coft cog cogs coif coifs coign coigns coin coins coitus con conatus confab confabs confit confits conga congas congius coni cons conus cos cosign cost costa costia costing cot cotan cotans coting cotinga cots count counts cousin cub cubing cubist cubit cubits cubs cuif cuifs cuing cunt cunts cut cutin cutins cutis cuts fa fab facing facings fact faction factions factious facts fag fagin fagins fagot fagots fags fain faint faints fan fang fangs fano fanos fans fas fast fasting fat fating fats fatso faun fauns fiasco fiat fiats fib fibs fico ficus fig figs fin fino finos fins fisc fist fit fits fob fobs foci focus focusing fog fogs foin foins foist fon fons font fonts fou fount founts ft fub fubs fuci fug fugato fugatos fugio fugios fugs fun fungi fungic fungo funs fusain fusing fusion fustian fustic futon futons gab gabion gabions gabs gain gains gainst gait gaits gan ganof ganofs gas gascon gast gat gats gaun gaunt giant giants gib gibs gibson gift gifts gin gins gist git gitano gitanos gits gnat gnats gnostic gnu gnus go goa goas goat goats gob goban gobans gobs gonia gonif gonifs gos got gout gouts guaco guacos guan guano guanos guans guib gun gunboat gunboats guns gust gusto gut guts ianfu ic icon icons ictus if ifs in incog incogs incus info infos inga ingot ingots ins inst into ion ions iota iotas is isba it its na nab nabis nabs nag nagi nags naif naifs naoi naos nastic ng nib nibs nit nits no nob nobs nog nogs nos not nota nougat nougats nous nu nub nubia nubias nubs nus nut nuts oaf oafs oast oat oats obi obia obias obis obit obits obtain obtains oca ocas octan octans of oft on ons ontic onus os ostia otc otic oust ousting out outfacing outgain outgains outgas outing outings outs outsang outsin outsing sab sabicu sabin sabot sac sacbut sag sagbut sago sain saint sang santo sat sati satin sating sau saucing scab scag scan scant scat scion scot scotia scout scouting scuba scut scuta si sib sic sift sign sin sing sit snafu snag snib snit snob snog snot snout snub snug so sob sofa soft softa son song sonic sot sou stab stag staig stain stang sting stingo stoa stoai stob stoic stub stun stung sub suba subito subtonic suction sugi suing suint suit sun sung ta tab tabi tabis tabs tabu tabuing tabun tabuns tabus taco tacos tag tags tain tains tan tang tango tangos tangs tans tao taos tas tau tauon taus ti tic tics tigon tigons tin ting tings tins tis to tocsin tofu tofus tog toga togas togs ton tong tonga tongas tongs tonic tonics tons tonus toucan toucans tousing tsuba tub tuba tubas tubing tubings tubs tufa tufas tug tugs tui tuis tun tuna tunas tung tungs tunic tunica tunics tuns un unai unais unci uncia unco uncos unfit unfits ungot unit units uns unto us using ut uta utas uts

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