1 Definitions of Objectively

The meaning of the word objectively, the definition of Objectively:

adv. - In the manner or state of an object; as, a determinate idea objectively in the mind.

The word "objectively" uses 11 letters: B C E E I J L O T V Y

No direct anagrams for objectively found in our database.

Shorter words found within objectively:

be bee beet bel belie belive belt bet betel bevel bevy bey beylic bi bice bile bio bit bite blet blite blivet bloc blot bo boil boite bole bolete boleti bolt bolti bot botel boy by bye byte cee ceibo ceil cel celeb celt cete ci cibol cite citole city cive civet cl clit clot clove cloy clv cob coble coil col cole colt coly cot cote cove covet covey coy cv cytol eel eely eject el elect elite et etic etoile eve evict evil evite eye eyebolt ic ice icy ie il it iv ivy jebel jee jet jete jib jibe jilt jive jivey jo job joe joey jole jolt jolty jot joy lb lee leet lei let lev levity levo levy ley li lib lice lie lieve lit lite liv live lo lob lobe loci lot loti lotic love lv lvi lycee lye lytic obe obeli obey obi obit object objective objet octyl oe oil oily ole oleic olive otc otic oy te tec tee teel tel telco tele telic teloi ti tic tie til tile tivy to toby toe toil toile tole toy tv tye tyee vee veil veloce velocity vet veto vi vibe vice vie vile viol violet voe voice voile vole volt volte volti vote ye yet yeti yo yob

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