1 Definitions of Obscuration

The meaning of the word obscuration, the definition of Obscuration:

v. t. - The act or operation of obscuring; the state of being obscured; as, the obscuration of the moon in an eclipse.

The word "obscuration" uses 11 letters: A B C I N O O R S T U

No direct anagrams for obscuration found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after obscuration, or to obscuration in any order:

n - conurbations   s - obscurations  

Shorter words found within obscuration:

ab abo aboon abort abortion abortions aborts abortus abos about abri abris abs abut abuts acinous acinus acorn acorns act actin actins action actions actor actors acts ai ain ains air airbus airn airns airs airt airts ais ait aits an ani anis ant anti antic antics antis ants anuric anus aorist aortic ar arb arbs arc arco arcs arcsin arcus arioso aristo aroint aroints ars arsino arson art arts arui as asci ascot astir at atonic atonics atrocious auction auctions aunt aunts auric auris aurist auto autos ba bacon bacons bairn bairns bait baits ban banco bancos bani bans bar baric barn barns baron barons bars bas basic basin basion bast bastion basuco bat baton batons bats bi bias bicorn bicron bicrons bin binocs bins bint bints bio biont bionts bios biota biotas biotron biotrons bis bison bistro bit bits bo boa boar boars boart boarts boas boast boat boats bonaci bonacis bonita bonitas bonito bonitos bonsai bonus boo boon boons boor boors boos boost boot boots bora boras boric born boron boronic borons bort borts bos bosc boson boston bosun bot bota botanic botas bots bourn bourns bout bouton boutons bouts bra bract bracts brain brains bran brans brant brants bras brat brats brin brins brio brios bris brisant brit brits bro bronc bronco broncos broncs broo broos bros brucin brucins bruin bruins bruit bruits brunt brunts brut bun buna bunco buncos buns bunt bunts bur bura buran burans buras burin burins burn burns burnt burs bursa burst burton burtons bus bust bustic but buts cab cabin cabins cabs cain cains cairn cairns can canorous cans canso canst cant canto cantor cantors cantos cants cantus car carb carbo carbon carbonous carbons carbos carbs caribou caribous carious carn carns carob carobs carotin carotins cars cart carton cartons cartoon cartoons carts casino cast castor cat cation cations cats caution cautions ci ciao cion cions cis cist cistron citron citrons citrous citrus coast coat coati coatis coats cob cobia cobias cobnut cobnuts cobra cobras cobs coin coins coir coirs coitus con conatus coni cons consort consortia conto contos contour contours contra contras conus coo coon coons coos coot coots cor coranto corantos corban corbans corbina corbinas coria corn corns cornu cornua cornus cornuto cornutos corona coronas cors cortin cortina cortins cos cost costa costar costia cot cotan cotans cots count counts courant couranto courantos courants court courts cousin crab crabs cran craton cratons crib cribs cris crista croon croons croton crotons crouton croutons crus crust cub cubist cubit cubits cubs cunt cunts cur curb curbs curia curio curios curiosa curn curns curs curst curt curtain curtains cut cutin cutins cutis cuts ic icon icons ictus in inburst incrust incubator incubators incur incurs incus inro ins inst instar into intro intros ion ions iota iotas ira iron irons is isba isobar it its na nab nabis nabs naoi naos narc narcist narco narcos narcs naric naris nastic nib nibs niobous nit nitro nitros nitroso nitrous nits no nob nobs nocturia noir noirs noo nor nori noria norias noris nos nostoc not nota nous nu nub nubia nubias nubs nus nut nutria nutrias nuts oar oars oast oat oats obi obia obias obis obit obits oboist obscurant obtain obtains obtrusion oca ocas octan octans octroi octrois on ons ontic onto onus oot oots or ora oration orations orb orbit orbits orbs orc orca orcas orcin orcins orcs orison ornis ors ort orts os osar ostia ostracon otc otic our ours oust out outran outs outscorn outsin outsoar rabic racist racon racons racoon racoons rain rainout rainouts rains ran rani ranis rant rants ras rat ratio ration rations ratios rato ratoon ratoons ratos rats rbi ria riant rias rib ribs rictus rin rins riot riotous riots roan roans roast rob robin robins robot robotic robotics robots robs robust robusta roc rocs roost root roots rosin rosita rot rota rotas roti rotis roto rotos rots roust rout routs rub rubati rubato rubatos rubs ruction ructions ruin ruins run runic runs runt runts rust rustic rut rutin rutins ruts sab sabicu sabin sabir sabot sac sacbut sain saint santir santo santour santur sari sarin sat sati satin satori sau sautoir scab scan scant scar scart scat scaur scion scoot scoria scorn scot scotia scour scout scrota scrub scuba scut scuta si sib sic sin sir sit sitar snib snit snob snoot snort snot snout snub so soar sob son sonar sonic soon soot sora sorb sorbic sori sorn sort sot sou souari soucar sour sr sri stab stain stair star stir stoa stoai stob stoic stour strain stria strobic stub stun sub suba subito suborn subtonic suction suctorian suint suit suitor sun sura surcoat sutra ta tab tabi tabis taboo taboos tabor taborin taborins tabors tabour tabours tabs tabu tabun tabuns tabus taco tacos tain tains tan tans tao taos tar tarn tarns taro taroc tarocs taros tars tarsi tas tau tauon taus ti tic tics tin tins tiro tiros tis to tocsin ton tonic tonics tons tonus too toon toons tor tora toras torc torcs tori toric torn toro toros torous tors torsi torsion torso torus toucan toucans tour touraco touracos tours train trains trans triac triacs trio trios trois trona tronas tsar tsuba tub tuba tubas tubs tui tuis tun tuna tunas tunic tunica tunics tuns turaco turacos turban turbans turbo turbos turn turns un unai unais unbar unbars unci uncia unco uncos unit units unroot unroots uns unto uranic uratic urb urban urbanist urbia urbias urbs uric urn urns ursa us ut uta utas uts

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