1 Definitions of Obsolescent

The meaning of the word obsolescent, the definition of Obsolescent:

a. - Going out of use; becoming obsolete; passing into desuetude.

The word "obsolescent" uses 11 letters: B C E E L N O O S S T

No direct anagrams for obsolescent found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after obsolescent, or to obsolescent in any order:

b - cobblestones  

Shorter words found within obsolescent:

be bee been bees beet beets bel bels belt belts ben bene benes bens bent bents beset besets besot besots best bests bet betel betels beton betons bets blent bless blest blet blets bloc blocs blot blots bo bole boles bolete boletes bolo bolos bolson bolsons bolt bolts bonce bone boneless bonelet bones boneset bonesets boo boon boons boos boost boosts boot bootee bootees bootless boots bos bosc boson bosons boss boston bostons bot botel botels botonee bots cee cees cel celeb celebs cels celt celts cenote cenotes cense censes cent cento centos cents cess cestos cete cetes cl clon clone clones clons cloot cloots close closes closest closet closets clot clots cob coble cobles cobs col cole coles colon colone colones colons cols colt colts con cone cones cons consol console consoles consols conte contes conto contos coo cooee cooees cool coolest coolness cools coon coons coos coot coots cos coses coset cosets coss cosset cost costs cot cote cotes cots ctene ebon ebons ecotone ecotones eel eels el elect elects els else en enclose encloses enol enols ens eon eons es escot escots eses ess et lb leben lebens lee lees leet leets lenes leno lenos lens lense lenses lent lento lentos leone leones less lessen lesson lest let lets lo lob lobe lobes lobo lobos lobs loco locoes locos loess lone loo loon loons loos loose loosen loosens looses loosest loot loots lose loses loss lost lot lotos lotoses lots ne neb nebs nee neo ness nest nestle nestles nests net netless nets no nob noble nobles noblesse noblest nobs noel noels noes nolo nolos noo noose nooses nos nose noses nostoc nostocs not note noteless notes obe obes obese oboe oboes obol obole oboles obols obscene obscenest obsolesce obsolete obsoletes ocelot ocelots oe oes ole oleo oleos oles on once onces one ones ons onset onsets onto oot oots os ose oses otc scene scenes scent scents scone scones scoot scoots scot scots sec secs sect sects see seel seels seen sees sel select selects sels sen sene sens sense sent sente set seton setons setose sets sleet sleets slob slobs sloe sloes slot slots snob snobs snool snools snoot snoots snot snots so sob sobs socle socles sol sole soles solo solon solonets solons solos sols son sone sones sons soon soonest soot soots sos sot sotol sotols sots steel steels stele steles steno stenos stob stobs stole stolen stoles stolon stolons stone stones stool stools te tec tee teel teels teen teens tees tel telco tele teles telos teloses tels telson telsons ten tens tense tenses to toe toeless toes tole toles ton tone toneless tones tons too tool tools toon toons toss

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