3 Definitions of Obstruction

The meaning of the word obstruction, the definition of Obstruction:

n. - The act of obstructing, or state of being obstructed.

n. - That which obstructs or impedes; an obstacle; an impediment; a hindrance.

n. - The condition of having the natural powers obstructed in their usual course; the arrest of the vital functions; death.

The word "obstruction" uses 11 letters: B C I N O O R S T T U

No direct anagrams for obstruction found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after obstruction, or to obstruction in any order:

r - contributors   s - obstructions  

Shorter words found within obstruction:

bi bicorn bicron bicrons bin binocs bins bint bints bio biont bionts bios biotron biotrons bis bison bistort bistro bit bits bitt bitts bo bonito bonitos bonus boo boon boons boor boors boos boost boot boots boric born boron boronic borons bort borts bos bosc boson boston bosun bot bots bott botts bourn bourns bout bouton boutons bouts brin brins brio brios bris brit brits britt britts bro bronc bronco broncos broncs broo broos bros brucin brucins bruin bruins bruit bruits brunt brunts brut bun bunco buncos buns bunt bunts bur burin burins burn burns burnt burs burst burton burtons bus bust bustic but buts butt button buttons butts ci cion cions cis cist cistron citron citrons citrous citrus cob cobnut cobnuts cobs coin coins coir coirs coitus con coni cons consort conto contort contorts contos contour contours conus coo coon coons coos coot coots cor corn corns cornu cornus cornuto cornutos cors cortin cortins cos cost cot cots cotton cottons count counts court courts cousin crib cribs cris croon croons croton crotons crouton croutons crus crust cub cubist cubit cubits cubs cunt cunts cur curb curbs curio curios curn curns curs curst curt cut cutin cutins cutis cuts ic icon icons ictus in inburst incrust incur incurs incus inro ins inst instruct into intort intorts intro intros intrust ion ions iron irons is it its nib nibs niobous nit nitro nitros nitroso nitrous nits no nob nobs noir noirs noo nor nori noris nos nostoc not nous nu nub nubs nus nut nuts obi obis obit obits oboist obstruct obtrusion octroi octrois on ons ontic onto onus oot oots or orb orbit orbits orbs orc orcin orcins orcs orison ornis ors ort orts os otc otic otto ottos our ours oust out outs outscorn outsin outsit rbi rib ribs rictus rin rins riot riotous riots risotto rob robin robins robot robotic robotics robots robs robust roc rocs roost root roots rosin rot roti rotis roto rotos rots roust rout routs rub rubs ruction ructions ruin ruins run runic runs runt runts rust rustic rut rutin rutins ruts scion scoot scorn scot scour scout scrub scut si sib sic sin sir sit snib snit snob snoot snort snot snout snub so sob son sonic soon soot sorb sorbic sori sorn sort sot sou sour sr sri stint stir stob stoic stotin stour stout strict strobic strontic strunt strut stub stun stunt sturt sub subito suborn subtonic suction suint suit suitor sun ti tic tics tin tinct tincts tins tint tints tiro tiros tis tit tits to tocsin toit toits ton tonic tonics tons tonus too toon toons toot toots tor torc torcs tori toric torn toro toros torot torous tors torsi torsion torso tort tortious tortoni tortonis torts torus tost tot tots tour tourist tours tout touts tricot tricots trio trios triton tritons trois trot trots trout trouts trust tub tubist tubs tui tuis tun tunic tunics tuns turbit turbits turbo turbos turbot turbots turn turns tut tutor tutors tuts un unci unco uncos unit units unroot unroots uns unto urb urbs uric urn urns us ut uts

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