2 Definitions of Odontoblast

The meaning of the word odontoblast, the definition of Odontoblast:

n. - One of the more or less columnar cells on the outer surface of the pulp of a tooth; an odontoplast. They are supposed to be connected with the formation of dentine.

n. - One of the cells which secrete the chitinous teeth of Mollusca.

The word "odontoblast" uses 11 letters: A B D L N O O O S T T

No direct anagrams for odontoblast found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after odontoblast, or to odontoblast in any order:

s - odontoblasts  

Shorter words found within odontoblast:

ab abo aboon abos abs ad ado adobo adobos ados ads al alb albs als also alt alto altos alts an and ands ant ants as at att ba bad bads bal bald balds bals ban band bands bans bas bast bat baton batons bats batt batts bland blast blat blats bloat bloats blond blonds blood bloods blot blots blotto bo boa boas boast boat boats bod bods bola bolas bold bolds bolo bolos bolson bolt bolts bond bonds boo boon boons boos boost boot boots bos boson boston bot bota botas bots bott botts dab dabs dal dalo dals dalton daltons das dato datos datto dattos dl do doat doats dobla doblas doblon doblons dobson dol dols dolt dolts don dona donas dons doob dos dost dot dotal dots la lab labs lad lads land lands las last lat lats lb lo load loads loan loans lob lobo lobos lobs loo loon loons loos loot loots lost lot lota lotas lotos lots lotto lottos na nab nabs naos no nob nobs nod nodal nods nolo nolos noo nos not nota notal oast oat oats oblast obol obols od ods ola old olds on ons onto oot oots os otto ottos sab sabot sad sal salon saloon salt sand sandlot santo santol sat slab slant slat slob slot snob snood snool snoot snot so sob sod soda sol sola solan soland solano sold soldan soldo solo solon son soon soot sot sotol stab stand stat stoa stoat stob stolon stood stool ta tab taboo taboos tabs tad tads talon talons tan tans tanto tao taos tas tat tats to toad toads toadstool toast tod tods tola tolan tolans tolas told ton tonal tondo tondos tons too tool tools toon toons toot toots tost tostado tot total totals tots

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