1 Definitions of Offenceless

The meaning of the word offenceless, the definition of Offenceless:

adj.all - incapable of offending or attacking

The word "offenceless" uses 11 letters: C E E E F F L N O S S

No direct anagrams for offenceless found in our database.

Shorter words found within offenceless:

cee cees cel cels cense censes cess cf cl clef clefs clon clone clones clons close closes coff coffee coffees coffle coffles coffs col cole coles colessee cols con cone cones confess cons cos coses coss eel eels ef eff effs efs el elf els else en enclose encloses enol enols ens eon eons es eses ess essence feces fee feel feeless feels fees felon felons fen fence fenceless fences fens fess fesse flee fleece fleeces flees flense flenses floc flocs floe floes floss foe foes fon fons foss fosse lee lees lenes leno lenos lens lense lenses leone leones less lessee lessen lesson lo loess lone lose loses loss ne nee neo ness no noel noels noes nos nose noses oe oes of off offence offences offense offenses offs ole oles on once onces one ones oneself ons os ose oses scene scenes scoff scoffs scone scones sec secs see seel seels seen sees sel self selfs sels sen sene senesce sens sense sloe sloes so socle socles sol sole soles sols son sone sones sons sos

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