3 Definitions of Offensively

The meaning of the word offensively, the definition of Offensively:

adv.all - in an aggressive manner

adv.all - in an obnoxious manner

adv.all - in an unpleasantly offensive manner

The word "offensively" uses 11 letters: E E F F I L N O S V Y

No direct anagrams for offensively found in our database.

Shorter words found within offensively:

eel eels eely ef eff effs efs el elevon elevons elf elfin elfins eloin eloins els else elves en enisle enol enols ens ensile envies envoi envois envoy envoys envy eon eons eosin eosine es eve even evenly evens eves evil evils eye eyen eyes eyne fee feel feels fees feline felines felon felonies felons felony fen fens fey fie fief fiefs fife fifes fil file files filo filos filose fils fin fine finely fines fino finos fins five fives flee flees flense fley fleys flies floe floes fly foe foes foil foils foin foins folie fon fons foy foys ie if iff iffy ifs il in info infos inly ins insole ion ions is isle iv ivy lee lees lei leis lenes lenify lenis leno lenos lens lense leone leones lesion lev levies levin levins levis levo levy ley leys li lie lief lien liens lies lieve life lin line lines liney lino linos lins linsey liny lion lions lis liv live liven livens lives lo loin loins lone lose love loves lv lvi lye lyes lyse lysin lysine ne nee neif neifs neo neve neves nevi nieve nieves niff niffy nil nils no noel noels noes noil noils noily noise noisy nos nose nosey nosily nosy novel novelise novels oe oes of off offense offensive offline offs oil oils oily ole olefin olefine olefines olefins olein oleine oleines oleins oles olive olives on one ones oneself only ons os ose oven ovens ovine ovines oy oyes see seel seely seen sei seif seine sel self sen sene senile seven si sieve silene silo sin sine sloe sloven sly sniff sniffle sniffly sniffy snivel snye so soil sol sole solei soli solve son sone sonly soy syli sylvin sylvine syn syne vee vees veil veils vein veins veiny venose vi vie vies vile vine vines vino vinos viny vinyl vinyls viol viols vis vise voe voes voile voiles vole voles ye yeelin yeelins yen yens yes yin yins yo yon yoni yonis

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