1 Definitions of Offertories

The meaning of the word offertories, the definition of Offertories:

pl. - of Offertory

The word "offertories" uses 11 letters: E E F F I O O R R S T

No direct anagrams for offertories found in our database.

Shorter words found within offertories:

ef eff effort efforts effs efs eft efts er ere eros erose err errs ers erst es ester et fee fees feet feist fer fere feres ferret ferrets ferries ferrite ferrites fester fet fete fetes fetor fetors fets fie fief fiefs fife fifer fifers fifes fir fire firer firers fires firs first fist fit fits foe foes foetor foetors foist foot footer footers footie footier footies foots footsie for fore fores forest forester forfeit forfeiter forfeiters forfeits forrit fort forte fortes forties fortis forts foster fosterer free freer freers frees freest frere freres fret frets frier friers fries frise frisee frit frits fro froe froes frore frost frostier ft ie if iff ifs ire ires is it its oe oes of off offer offerer offerers offeror offerors offers offs offset oft ofter oorie oot oots or ore oreo ores orris ors ort orts os ose osier otiose re ree reef reefs rees reest ref refer refers refire refires refit refits reforest refries refs reft rei reif reifs reis reoffer reoffers rerise reroof reroofs rerose res reset resift resite resort rest rester restore ret rete retie reties retire retires retore retries retro retros rets rif rife rifer rifest riff riffs rifs rift rifts riot rioter rioters riots rise riser rite rites roe roes roister roof roofer roofers roofs rooftree rooftrees roose rooser roost rooster root rooter rooters rootier roots rose roset rosier roster rot rote rotes roti rotifer rotifers rotis roto rotor rotors rotos rots see seer sei seif ser sere serer serf serif set setoff si sift sifter sir sire siree sirree sit site so soffit soft softer softie soiree soot sootier sore sorer sori sort sorter sortie sot sr sri steer stere stereo stiff stiffer stir store strife te tee teeoff tees teff teffs teres terries terse terser ti tie tier tiers ties tiff tiffs tire tires tiro tiros tis to toe toes toff toffee toffees toffies toffs too tor tore torero toreros tores tori tories toro toros torose torr torrefies tors torse torsi torso tree trees tref trier triers tries trio trios triose troffer troffers trois

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