1 Definitions of Offscouring

The meaning of the word offscouring, the definition of Offscouring:

n. - That which is scoured off; hence, refuse; rejected matter; that which is vile or despised.

The word "offscouring" uses 11 letters: C F F G I N O O R S U

No direct anagrams for offscouring found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after offscouring, or to offscouring in any order:

s - offscourings  

Shorter words found within offscouring:

cf cgs ci cig cigs cion cions cis coff coffin coffing coffins coffs cog cogon cogons cogs coif coifs coign coigns coin coins coir coirs con congius congo congos congou congous coni cons conus coo coof coofs cooing coon coons coos cor corf corgi corgis coring corn corns cornu cornus cors cos cosign coursing cousin cris croon croons crus cuff cuffing cuffs cuif cuifs cuing cur curf curfs curing curio curios curn curns curs cursing fico ficus fig figs fin fino finos fins fir firn firns firs fisc foci focus focusing fog fogs foin foins foison fon fons for forcing forgo fou four fourgon fourgons fours frig frigs fro frog frogs frons frug frugs fuci fug fugio fugios fugs fun fungi fungic fungo funs fur furioso furs fusing fusion gin gins girn girns giro giron girons giros gnu gnus go gonif goniff goniffs gonifs gonof gonofs goo goof goofs goon goons goos gor gos griff griffon griffons griffs grin grins grison groin groins gruff gruffs guff guffs guiro guiros gun guns ic icon icons if iff ifs in incog incogs incur incurs incus info infos inro ins ion ions iron irons is isogon ng niff no nog nogs noir noirs noo nor nori noris nos nous nu nus of off offing offings offs on ons onus or orc orcin orcins orcs orgic orison ornis ors os our ours rif riff riffs rifs rig rigs rin ring rings rins roc rocs roof roofing roofings roofs roosing rosin rosing rousing ruff ruffing ruffs rug rugs ruin ruing ruins run rung rungs runic runoff runoffs runs scion scoff scoffing scoring scorn scour scouring scruff scuff scuffing scurf si sic sign signor sin sing sir sniff snog snuff snug so son song sonic soon sorgo sori soring sorn sou sour sourcing souring sr sri sugi suing sun sung sunroof surf surfing un unci unco uncos unrig unrigs unroof unroofs uns uric urn urns us using

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