1 Definitions of Omnipotence

The meaning of the word omnipotence, the definition of Omnipotence:

n. - Alt. of Omnipotency

The word "omnipotence" uses 11 letters: C E E I M N N O O P T

No direct anagrams for omnipotence found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after omnipotence, or to omnipotence in any order:

s - omnipotences  

Shorter words found within omnipotence:

cee cement cenote cent centime centimo cento cep cepe cete ci cine cion cite cm coempt coin come comet comp compete compo compone component compote compt comte con cone coni conin conine conn connote conominee conte contemn conto coo cooee coon coontie coop coopt coot cootie cop cope copen cot cote ctene ecotone em eme emetic emetin emic eminent emit emote emoticon emotion en entice entomion entopic eon epic epitome et etic ic ice icemen icon ie imp impone impotence in incept income inept inn into intone ion ionone it item me meet mei men meno mention met mete metic metope metopic metopion metopon mi mice mien min mince mine mint mite mo moc mon monie mono monte moo moon moot mop mope mot mote motion ne nee neem neep nene neo neocon neon neotenic nepotic net netop nice niece nim nine nip nit nite niton nm no nocent noetic nom nome nomen nominee nomoi non nonce noncom none nonet nonpoetic noo noon noontime nope not note notice notion octopi oe om omen omit on once one onetime onion ontic onto oot op ope open opine opt optic optime option optionee otc otic pct pe pec pecten pectin pee peen pein pen pence penmen penne penni pent pentomic peon pet pi pic pice picot picotee pie piece pimento pin pine pinecone pinene pinon pinot pint pinto pion pit pitmen piton poco poem poet poetic poi point pointe pointmen pom pome ponce pone ponent pontine ponton poon pot poteen potence potion potmen te tec tee teem teen temp tempi tempo ten tenno tenon tenpin ti tic tie time tin tine tinmen tip to toe tom tome tompion ton tone toneme tonemic tonic tonne too toom toon top tope topee topi topic topoi

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