1 Definitions of Omniscience

The meaning of the word omniscience, the definition of Omniscience:

n. - The quality or state of being omniscient; -- an attribute peculiar to God.

The word "omniscience" uses 11 letters: C C E E I I M N N O S

No direct anagrams for omniscience found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after omniscience, or to omniscience in any order:

s - omnisciences  

Shorter words found within omniscience:

cc cee cees cense ci cimices cine cines cion cions cis cisco cm coin coins come comes comic comics con concise cone cones coni conic conics conies coniine coniines conin conine conines conins conn conns cons cos cosec cosie cosine cosmic em eme emes emic ems en ens ensconce eon eonism eons eosin eosine eosinic es ic ice icemen ices icon icones iconic icons ie ii imine imines imino in incense incienso incise income incomes inion inions inn inns inosine ins ion ionic ionics ionise ions is ism me mei meinie meinies men menisci meno mense mesic mesne meson mesonic mi mice mien miens min mince minces mine mines mini minion minions minis minnies mis miscoin mise miso mo moc mocs mon monie monies mons mos ms msec ne nee neem neems nene nenes neo neon neons nice niece nieces nim nims nine nines nisei nisi nm no noes noise nom nome nomen nomes nominee nominees noms non nonce nonces none nones nos nose oe oes om omen omens oms on once onces one ones ons os oscine oscinine ose osmic scene scenic science scion sconce scone sec secco see seem seen sei seine seme semen semi sen sene senecio si sic sice sim sin since sine so socmen som some son sone sonic

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