11 Definitions of One

The meaning of the word one, the definition of One:

n. - A single unit; as, one is the base of all numbers.

n. - A symbol representing a unit, as 1, or i.

n. - A single person or thing.

a. - Being a single unit, or entire being or thing, and no more; not multifold; single; individual.

a. - Denoting a person or thing conceived or spoken of indefinitely; a certain. "I am the sister of one Claudio" [Shak.], that is, of a certain man named Claudio.

a. - Pointing out a contrast, or denoting a particular thing or person different from some other specified; -- used as a correlative adjective, with or without the.

a. - Closely bound together; undivided; united; constituting a whole.

a. - Single in kind; the same; a common.

a. - Single; inmarried.

indef. pron. - Any person, indefinitely; a person or body; as, what one would have well done, one should do one's self.

v. t. - To cause to become one; to gather into a single whole; to unite; to assimilite.

The word "one" uses 3 letters: E N O

Direct anagrams of one:

eon neo

Words formed by adding one letter before or after one, or to one in any order:

a - aeon   b - bone ebon   c - cone once   d - done node   g - gone   h - hone   j - jeon   k - keno   l - enol leno lone noel   m - meno nome omen   n - neon none   p - nope open peon pone   s - eons noes nose ones sone   t - note tone   v - oven   w - enow   x - exon oxen   z - zone  

Shorter words found within one:

en ne no oe on

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