1 Definitions of Oneiromancy

The meaning of the word oneiromancy, the definition of Oneiromancy:

n. - Divination by means of dreams.

The word "oneiromancy" uses 11 letters: A C E I M N N O O R Y

No direct anagrams for oneiromancy found in our database.

Shorter words found within oneiromancy:

ace acme acne acorn acre acrimony acromion acronym ae aeon aeonic aero aeronomic aeronomy aery ai aim aimer ain air airmen airn airy am amen ami amice amie amin amine amino amir amnic amnio amnion amorino amrinone an ancon ancone ane anemic ani anime anion annoy annoyer anomic anomie anomy anon anonym any anymore anyone ar arc arco are areic arm army ay aye ayin cain cairn cairny cam came cameo camion camo can cane caner canine canner cannery cannie cannier canny canoe canon canonry canyon car care carmen carmine carn carney carnie carny carom cay ceria ceriman cero ci ciao cine cinema cion cire cm coenamor coin coiner coir coma comae come comer con cone coney coni conima conin conine conn conner cony coo cooer cooey coon cor core coremia coria corm corn cornea corny corona coronae cory coy coyer cram cran crane cranny crayon cream creamy crime crone crony croon cry cyan cyanin cyanine cyano cyma cymae cymar cyme ear earn economy em emic emir en enamor encina encomia enorm eon eonian er era erica ern eyra ic ice iceman icon icy ie in inane inaner inarm income incomer incony inn inner inro ion ionomer ionone ira ire iron irone ironman irony ma mac mace macer macon macro macron mae main mair man mane manic manioc manner mano manor many mar marc mare marine maroon may mayo mayor me mean meany mei meiny men meno mercy merino mi mica mice micra micro micron mien min mina minae mince mincer mincy mine miner minny minor minorca minyan mir mire miro miry mo moa moan moaner moc moira moire mon monecian moneran moneron money monie mono monoecy mony moo moon moonier moony moor moory mor mora morae moraine moray more morion morn moron moronic my myna myrica na nacre nae nam name namer nan nance nancy naoi narc narcein narco naric narine nary nay ne near nema neo neocon neomycin neon nice nicer nim nine niner nm no noir nom noma nome nomen nomia nomina nomoi non nona nonce noncom noncrime none noo noon nor nori noria norm oar oca ocean ocrea oe om omen omer omicron on once one onery onion oniony onomancer onomancy oomiac oorie or ora orc orca orcein orcin ore oreo oy oyer race racon racoon racy rain rainy ram ramen rami ramie ran rance rani ray rayon re ream rec recoin recon rei rein rem remain reman renin ria rice rim rima rime rimy rin roam roan roc roe rom romaic romaine roman romance romano romeo roneo ronion ronyon room roomie roomy rya rye ya yam yamen yar yare yarn ye yea yean year yearn yen yeoman yin yince yo yom yon yoni yonic yore yr

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