5 Definitions of Onset

The meaning of the word onset, the definition of Onset:

n. - A rushing or setting upon; an attack; an assault; a storming; especially, the assault of an army.

n. - A setting about; a beginning.

n. - Anything set on, or added, as an ornament or as a useful appendage.

v. t. - To assault; to set upon.

v. t. - To set about; to begin.

The word "onset" uses 5 letters: E N O S T

Direct anagrams of onset:

notes seton steno stone tones

Words formed by adding one letter before or after onset, or to onset in any order:

a - atones   b - betons   c - centos contes   d - stoned   f - soften   h - ethnos honest   j - jetons   k - tokens   l - lentos stolen telson   m - montes   n - nonets sonnet tenons tonnes   p - netops pontes   r - nestor noters stoner tenors tensor toners trones   s - onsets setons stenos stones   t - teston   x - sexton   y - stoney  

Shorter words found within onset:

en ens eon eons es et ne neo nest net nets no noes nos nose not note oe oes on one ones ons os ose sen sent set snot so son sone sot te ten tens to toe toes ton tone tons

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