1 Definitions of Ontogenetic

The meaning of the word ontogenetic, the definition of Ontogenetic:

a. - Of or pertaining to ontogenesis; as, ontogenetic phenomena.

The word "ontogenetic" uses 11 letters: C E E G I N N O O T T

No direct anagrams for ontogenetic found in our database.

Shorter words found within ontogenetic:

cee cenote cent cento cete ci cig cine cion cite cog cogent cogito cogon coign coigne coin con cone conge congee congo coni conin conine coning conn connote conte content conto coo cooee cooeeing cooing coon coontie coot cootie cot cote coting cotton cottoning ctene ecotone ego en eng engine entice eon et etic gee gen gene genet genetic genic genie gent gentoo get gie gien gin git go gone gonion goo goon goonie got gotten ic ice icon ie in incog ingot inn intent into intone ion ionogen ionone it ne nee nene neo neocon neon neotenic net nett netting ng nice niece nine nit nite niton no nocent noetic nog non nonce none nonego nonet noo noon not note notice noting notion octet oe ogee on once oncogene one onion ontic onto oogenetic oot otc otic otto te tec tee teeing teen teg ten tenet tenge tenno tenon tent tentie tenting tet ti tic tie tigon tin tinct tine ting tinge tint tit to toe toeing toetoe tog toit ton tone tonetic tong tonic toning tonne tontine too toon toot tooting tot tote toting

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