1 Definitions of Opalescence

The meaning of the word opalescence, the definition of Opalescence:

n. - A reflection of a milky or pearly light from the interior of a mineral, as in the moonstone; the state or quality of being opalescent.

The word "opalescence" uses 11 letters: A C C E E E L N O P S

No direct anagrams for opalescence found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after opalescence, or to opalescence in any order:

s - opalescences  

Shorter words found within opalescence:

ace aces acne acnes ae aeon aeons al ale alec alecs alee ales aloe aloes alone alp alps als also an ane anele aneles anes anole anoles ape apes aposelene apse as asleep aslope asp aspen calces calo calos can cancel cancels cane canes canoe canoes cans canso cap cape capes capo capon capons capos caps case cc cease ceca cecal cee cees cel cels cenacle cenacles cense cep cepe cepes ceps cl clan clans clap claps clasp clean cleans cleanse clepe clepes clon clone clones clons clop clops close coal coalesce coals coca cocas col cola colas cole coles cols con conceal conceals cone cones cons cop copal copals cope copen copens copes cops copse cos cosec cps ease easel eel eels el elan elans elapse elope elopes els else en encase enclasp enclose enlace enlaces enol enolase enols ens eon eons epee epees epos es escalop escape escapee espanol la lac lace laces lacs lance lances lane lanes lanose lap laps lapse las lase lea lean leans leap leaps leas lease lee lees lenes leno lenos lens lense leone leones lo loan loans loca lone lop lope lopes lops lose na nae naos nap nape napes naps ne neap neaps nee neep neeps neo no noel noels noes nopal nopals nope nos nose oca ocas ocean oceans oe oes ola ole olea oles on once onces one ones ons op opal opalesce opals ope open opens opes ops os ose pa pac pace paces pacs paeon paeons pal pale pales pals pan pane panel panels panes pans pas pase paseo pe pea peace peaces peal peals pean peans peas pease peasen pec pecan pecans pecs pee peel peels peen peens pees pel pele peles pelon pen penal pence pencel pencels penes pens pensee peon peones peons pes peso place places plan plane planes plans plea pleas please plena ploce pol pole poles pols ponce ponces pone pones pons pose psoae sac sae sal sale salep salon salp sane sap scale scalene scalp scan scape scena scene sconce scone scop scopal scope sea seal seance sec secco see seel seen seep sel sen sene seneca sepal slap sleep sloe slop slope snap sneap so soap socle sol sola solace solan sole son sone sop spa space spae spale span spancel spean spec speel spelean spence spleen

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