2 Definitions of Openhearted

The meaning of the word openhearted, the definition of Openhearted:

adj.all - freely communicative

adj.all - showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

The word "openhearted" uses 11 letters: A D E E E H N O P R T

No direct anagrams for openhearted found in our database.

Shorter words found within openhearted:

ad ade adept adepter adhere adherent ado adopt adoptee adopter adore adorn ae aeon aero aether ah an and ane anode another ant ante anted anteed anther antre ape aped aper apod aport apron aproned apt apter ar ardent are arete arpen arpent art at ate atone atoned atoner atop dah dap daphne dare darn dart date dater dato de dean dear dearth death dee deep deepen deeper deer deet dehorn dehort den denar dene denote dent depart departee depone deport deportee depot depth derat derate dere deter dethrone do doat doe doer doeth doh don dona donate done donee dopa dopant dope doper dor dore dorp dot dote doter doth drape drat dree drone drop dropt ear eared earn earned earphone earth earthed earthen eat eaten eater eath ed edh eh en enate end endear ender enrapt enter entera entered entrap entree eon epee epha ephedra ephod ephor ephorate epode er era ere ern erne erode erodent et eta etape eterne eth ethane ethene ether etna ha had hade hadron hae haed haen haet hand hant hanted hao hap hapten haptene hard harden hardtop hare hared harp harped hart hat hate hated hater hatred he head header headnote heap heaped hear heard heart hearted hearten heartened heat heated heater heder heed heeder hen hent hented hep heptad heptane her herd here hereat hereon hereto hern hero heron het hetero ho hoar hoard hod hoe hoed hoer hon honda hone honed honer hop hope hoped hoper hora horde horn horned hornet hot hr na nae nah nap nape nard nardo ne neap near neared neat neater neath neatherd nee need needer neep neo nerd net nether netop no nod node noh nope nor north not nota note noted notepad noter nother nth oar oared oat oaten oater oath od ode odea oe oh ohed on one op opah ope oped open opened opener opera operand operant operate operated opt opted or ora orad orate orated ore oread ornate orphan orphaned ort other pa pad padre padrone paeon pah pan pander pandore pane paned pant panted panther panto par pard pardee pardon pare pared parent parented pareo part parted parton pat pate pated paten pater path patron pe pea peahen pean pear peart peat ped pedant pedate pedro pee peed peen peened peer peered peh pen pend pent pentad pentode peon per perea pereon pert pet petard peter petered phaeton phat phenate phon phonate phonated phone phoned phoner phorate phot pht pod poet poh pond ponder pone pore pored porn port porta ported portend pot poteen pothead potheen pother pothered prao prat prate prated predate pree preed preen preened preheat preheated prehend preteen pretend pro proa prod pronate pronated prone protea protean protend rad radon rah ran rand ranee rant ranted rap rape raped raphe rapt rat rate rated rath rathe rato re read readopt reap reaped red redan redate rede redo redon redone redtop ree reed reheat reheated rend rent rente rented reopen reopened rep repand repeat repeated repent repented repetend repo repot ret retape retaped rete retene rhea rho road roan rod rode rodent roe rope roped rot rota rote ta tad tae tahr tan tao tap tape taped taper tapered tar tardo tare tared tarn taro tarp tarpon te tea tear teared ted tee teed teen teener ten tend tender tenor teopan tepa tepee tephra teraph teredo tern terne terpene thae than thane the thee then thenar there thereon tho thorn thorned thorp thorpe thread threap threaped three threep threeped threnode thro throe throne throned to toad tod toe toea toed ton tone toned toner top tope toped topee toper toph tophe tor tora torah tore torn trad trade trap tread tree treed treen trend trepan trod trode trona trone trop trope

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