1 Definitions of Openmouthed

The meaning of the word openmouthed, the definition of Openmouthed:

adj.all - with eyes or mouth open in surprise

The word "openmouthed" uses 11 letters: D E E H M N O O P T U

No direct anagrams for openmouthed found in our database.

Shorter words found within openmouthed:

de dee deem deep deet deme dement demeton demo demon demote demount den dene denote dent depone depot depth depute dm do doe doeth doh dom dome don done donee donut doom dope dot dote doth doum due duet duh dump dun dune dunt duo duomo duotone dup dupe ed edh eh em eme emend emeu emote emoted emu en end endue eon ephod epode et eth etude eudemon he heed hem heme hemp hempen hen hent hented hep het hm ho hod hoe hoed home homed homo hon hone honed hood hoop hooped hoot hooted hop hope hoped hot hound hue hued hum hump humped hun hunt hunted hup hut me med meed meet men mend meno menu meou meoued met mete meted meth method metope metopon mho mo mod mode mon monde mondo mono monte month moo mood mooed moon mooned moot mooted mop mope moped mot mote moth moue mound mount mounted mouth mouthed mouton mph mu mud mun muon mut mute muted muton ne nee need neem neep neo net netop neum neume nm no nod node noh nom nome noo nope not note noted notum nth nu nude nut od ode odeon odeum oe oh ohed ohm oho om omen omened on one onto ooh oohed oomph oot op ope oped open opened opt opted oud ouph ouphe out outdo outdone outed outmode pe ped pee peed peen peh pen pend pent pentode peon pet phenom phon phone phoned phoneme phono phot photo photoed photon pht phut pod poem poet poh pom pome pond pone pood pooh poohed poon pot poteen potheen potmen pound pout pouted pud pun punt punted punto put puton te ted tee teed teem teen temp temped tempeh tempo ten tend the thee them theme themed then tho thou thoued thud thump thumped to tod toe toed tom tome ton tondo tone toned toneme too toom toon top tope toped topee toph tophe toupe toupee toupeed tum tump tumped tun tune tuned tup udo uh um ump umped umpteen umteen un unde undee undo unhood unhoped unmeet unmet unto up updo upend upo upon ut

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