1 Definitions of Operatively

The meaning of the word operatively, the definition of Operatively:

adv. - In an operative manner.

The word "operatively" uses 11 letters: A E E I L O P R T V Y

No direct anagrams for operatively found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after operatively, or to operatively in any order:

j - pejoratively  

Shorter words found within operatively:

ae aerie aerily aero aerolite aery ai ail air airt airy ait aiver al ale alee alert alit alive aliyot aloe alp alt alter alto ape aper apery aplite aport apt apter aptly ar are areole arete ariel aril arity art artel artily arty arvo aryl at ate atelier atole atop atopy atrip ave aver avert avo ay aye ear earl early eat eater eatery eave eel eely eerily eery el elate elater elative elevator elite elope eloper elver elytra epilate epilator er era ere ervil et eta etape etoile evaporite eve ever evert every evil eviler evite eye eyer eyra eyre eyrie ie il ilea iota ira irate irately ire it iv iva ivory ivy la laevo lair laity lap lar laree lari lat late later lati lav lave laveer laver lay layer layover lea leap leaper leapt lear leary leave leaver leavier leavy lee leer leery leet lei leipoa leper lepiota lept lepta lerot let lev leva levator lever levier levirate levity levo levy ley li liar lie lier lieve liever lip lipa lipe lira lire lirot lit lite liter litre liv live liver livery livetrap livre livyer lo loir loiter lop lope loper lore lory lot lota loti lovat love lover lv lvi lyart lye lyrate lyre oar oat oater oe oil oiler oily ola ole olea oleate olivary olive op opal ope opera operate operative opiate opt or ora oral orality orate ore oriel orle ort ova oval ovality ovary ovate ovately over overapt overate overeat overlap overlate overlay overleap overleapt overlet overlie overlip overlit overly overpay overplay overply overt overtip overtly oy oyer pa pail pair pal pale paler palet palier palter paltry paly par pare pareo pareve parity parle parley parol parole parolee part partly party parve parvo pat pate pater patio patly patrol paty pave paver pavior pay payee payer payor pe pea peal pear pearl pearlite pearly peart peartly peat peatier peaty peavey peavy pee peel peer peery pel pele pelite peloria pelota pelt pelter peltry per perea pereia peri peril perlite pert pertly pet petal peter petiolar petiole petrale petrel petrol peyote peyotl peytral peytrel pi pia pial pie pier pieta piety pilar pilary pile pilea pileate pilot pily piolet pirate pit pita pity pivot pivotal plait plaiter plat plate plater platier platy play player plea pleat pleater plie plier plot plover ploy ply plyer poet poetry poi poitrel pol polar polarity pole poler polite politer polity poly pore port porta portal portly pot poverty prao prat prate pray pree prelate prevail prey private privately privet privy pro proa prolate prole protea protei protyl protyle prove pry pteryla pterylae pya pye pylori pyre pyrite pyrola rail rale rap rape rapt raptly rat rate ratel ratio rato rave ravel ray re real reality realty reap reave ree reel rei reive relate relative relay relet relievo relit relive rely reoil rep repave repay repeal repeat repel replate replay replevy replot reply repo repot reptile ret retail retape rete retia retial retie retile retype rev reveal revel revet revile revolt revote ria rial rialto riel rile riley riot rip ripe ripely rite rival rive rivet riyal roe roil roily role rope ropey ropily ropy rot rota rote roti rotl rove royal rya rye ryot ta tae tael tail tailer tailor tale taler tali tao tap tape taper tapir tar tare taro tarp tav te tea teal teapoy tear tearily teary tee teel tel tela telae tele telia teloi tepa tepal tepoy terai ti tie tier til tile tiler tip tire tirl tiro tivy to toe toea toil toile toiler tola tolar tole top tope topee toper topi topiary tor tora tore tori tory toy toyer trail trap trave travel tray tree trey trial trio triol trip tripe triple triply trop trope trove troy try tv tye tyee tyer typal type typier typo tyre tyro vail vair vale valet valor vapor vapory var variety variole varlet vary vat veal vealer vealier vealy vee veep veer veery veil veiler vela velar velate vera verily verite verity vert very vet veto vetoer vi via vial viator vie vier vilayet vile viler viol viola violate violater violet viper viral virelay vireo virl vita vitae vital voe voila voile volar volary vole volery volt volta volte volti votary vote voter ya yap yar yare ye yea year yelp yelper yep yet yeti yip yipe yo yore yperite yr

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