2 Definitions of Operculated

The meaning of the word operculated, the definition of Operculated:

a. - Closed by a lid or cover, as the capsules of the mosses.

a. - Having an operculum, or an apparatus for protecting the gills; -- said of shells and of fishes.

The word "operculated" uses 11 letters: A C D E E L O P R T U

No direct anagrams for operculated found in our database.

Shorter words found within operculated:

ace aced acold acre acred act acted actor acute acuter ad ade adept adepter ado adopt adoptee adopter adore adult ae aero aeroduct al alder ale alec alee alert alerted aloe aloud alp alt alter altered alto ape aped aper apercu apod aport apt apter ar arc arced arco are areole arete art artel at ate atole atop auld aulder aureole aureoled auto autoed cad cade cadet cadre calo caltrop cap cape caped capelet caper capered caplet capo capote captor capture captured caput car card care cared caret carl carle carol caroled carp carped carpel carpet carpeted cart carte carted cartel cartop cat cate cater catered caudle caul cauld cd cedar cede ceder cedula cee cel celt ceorl cep cepe cerate cerated cere cereal cered cero cert cete cl clad clade clap clapt claret claro clear cleared cleat cleated clepe cleped clept clod clodpate clop clot cloture clotured cloud clour cloured clout clouted clouter clue clued coal coaled coaler coapt coapted coat coated coatee coater cod coda code coder coed col cola cold colder cole colead coleader coled colt colter colure cop copal cope coped coper copra copter copula copulae copular copulate copulated cor coral cord cordate core cored corelate corelated corp cot cote coteau coted coude could coulee coulter coup coupe couped couple coupled coupler couplet court courted couter cradle crap crape craped crate crated create created cred credal credo creed creedal creel creep creole crepe creped crept crop crotal croup croupe crud crude cruel cruet cud cue cued cul culet culpa culpae cult cup cupel cupeled cupeler cupola cupolaed cur curate curated curd curdle cure cured curet curl curled curt curtal cut cute cuter cutler dace dal dale dalo dap dare dart dartle date dater dato daut de deal dealer dealt dear dec decal decare declare deco decor decorate decouple decretal decuple dee deep deer deet del delate delator dele delt delta depart deplore deport depot depurate depute derat derate dere deter detour deuce dl do doat doc doe doer dol dolce dole dolt dopa dope doper dor dore dorp dot dotal dote doter dotrel douce doula dour doura drape drat dree drop droplet dropt drupe drupelet dual ducal ducat duce duct ductal due duel dueler duet dulcet dulcorate duo dup dupe duper duple dura dural dure duro duroc ear eared earl eat eater eau ecarte eclat ecru ecu ed educate educator educe educt eductor edulcorate eel eelpout el elate elated elater eld elder elect elector electro elocute elodea elope eloped eloper eluate elude eluder elute eluted epact epaulet epode er era ere erect erode eruct eructed erupt erupted et eta etape etude euro la lac lace laced lacepod lacer lad lade lader lap lar lard laree lat late lated later laud lauder lea lead leader leap leaped leaper leapt lear lector lecture lectured led lede lee leer leet leopard leotard leper lept lepta lerot let letup leu leud lo load loader loca locate located locater lode lop lope loped loper lord lore lot lota loud louder loup loupe louped lour loured lout louted luce lucre lude ludo lure lured lute lutea luted oar oared oat oater oca ocrea ocreae ocreate octad octal octuple octupled ocular od ode odea oe ola old older ole olea oleate op opal ope oped opera operate operated opercula operculate opercule opt opted or ora oracle orad oral orate orated orc orca ordeal ore oread orle ort otc oud our out outcaper outcapered outdare outed outer outleap outleaped outpace outpaced outrace outraced outre outread pa pac pace paced pacer pact pad padle padre pal pale paled paler palet palter paltered par parcel parceled pard pardee pare pared pareo pareu parle parled parol parole paroled parolee part parted pat pate pated pater patrol pct pdl pe pea peace peaced peal pealed pear pearl pearled peart peat pec pectoral peculate peculated peculator ped pedal pedaler pedalo pedate pedlar pedler pedocal pedro pee peed peel peer pel pele pelota pelt pelted pelter peludo per percale percolate percolated perdu perdue perea pert pet petal petaled petard peter petrale petrel petrol place placed placer placet plat plate plated plater plea plead pleader pleat pleated pleater plectra pled pleura pleurae ploce plod plot pod poet pol polar polder pole polecat poled poler porc pore pored port porta portal portaled ported pot poulard poularde poulet poult poulter pour poured pout pouted pouter praelect prao prat prate prated prau preact preacted preadult preclude precode precut predate pree preed prelate prelect prelude pro proa proceed prod produce product prolate prole protea proud prude pruta puce pud pul pula pule puled puler pur purda pure puree pureed purl purled put race raced rad rale rap rape raped rapt rat rate rated ratel rato re react reacted read readopt readout real reap reaped rec recap recept reclad recoal recoaled recode recoup recoupe recouped recouple recoupled recta rectal recto recut red redact redate redcap redcoat rede redo redout redtop reduce ree reed reel relace relaced relate related relet reload relocate relocated reluct relucted rep repeal repeat repel replace replaced replate replated replead repled replot repo repot repute reputed ret retape retaped rete retold road roc rod rode roe role rope roped rot rota rote rotl roue roulade roup rouped roupet rout route routed rude rue rued rule ruled rupee rut ta tace taco tad tadpole tae tael talc talced tale taler tao tap tape taped taper tapered tar tardo tare tared taro taroc tarp tau taupe te tea teacup teal tear teared tec ted tee teed teel tel tela telae telco tele teledu tepa tepal terce tercel teredo to toad tod toe toea toecap toed tola tolar told tole toled tolu top tope toped topee toper tor tora torc tore torula torulae toupe toupee toupeed tour toured trace traced trad trade traduce trap treacle tread treadle tree treed trod trode trop trope troupe trouped truce truced true trued tule tup tupelo turaco turd udo ulcer ulcerate ulcerated ulcered ult ultra up updart update updater updo upload upo uprate uprated uptear uptore urate urceolate urceole urd urea ureal uredo urocele urodele ut uta

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