1 Definitions of Operoseness

The meaning of the word operoseness, the definition of Operoseness:

noun.attribute - the quality of requiring extended effort

The word "operoseness" uses 11 letters: E E E N O O P R S S S

No direct anagrams for operoseness found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after operoseness, or to operoseness in any order:

g - sporogeneses  

Shorter words found within operoseness:

en ens eon eons epee epees epos eposes er ere ern erne ernes erns eros erose eroses ers erses es eses espresso ess esses ne nee neep neeps neo ness nesses no noes noo noose nooser noosers nooses nope nor nos nose noses oe oes on one ones ons oops op ope open opener openers opens operon operons operose opes ops or ore oreo ores ors os ose oses pe pee peen peens peer peeress peers pees pen penes pens pensee pensees peon peones peons per pereon perse perses person persons pes peso pesos pone pones pons poon poons poor poorness poornesses pore pores porn porno pornos porns porose pose poser posers poses posse posses pree preen preens prees prese press presses pro prone pros prose proses proso prosos pross prosses re ree rees reopen reopens rep repo repos repose reposes reps res resee reseen resees response responses roe roes roneo roose rooses rope ropes rose roses see seen seep seeps seer seeress seers sees sen sene senor senores senors sens sense senses sensor sensors sepses ser sere serene serenes sereness seres sers sess sneer sneers snoop snooper snoopers snoops snore snores so son sone sones sons soon sooner sooners sop sopor sopors sops sore soreness sores sorn sorns soroses sos speer speers spense spenses sponsor sponsors spoon spoons spoor spoors spore spores spree sprees sr

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