1 Definitions of Originalism

The meaning of the word originalism, the definition of Originalism:

noun.cognition - the belief that the United States Constitution should be interpreted in the way the authors originally intended it

The word "originalism" uses 11 letters: A G I I I L M N O R S

No direct anagrams for originalism found in our database.

Shorter words found within originalism:

ag agin agio agios agism ago agon agons ai ail ailing ails aim aiming aims ain ains aioli aiolis air airing airings airn airns airs ais al algin algins algor algorism algors align aligns alms aloin aloins along als also am ami amigo amigos amin amino amins amir amirs amis amnio amnios among amorini an ani anil anils animi animis anis ar argil argils argol argols argon argons aril arils ariosi arising arm arming armings arms ars arsino arson as gain gains gal gals gam gamin gamins gams gan gaol gaols gar gari garni gars gas gin gins girasol girl girls girn girns giro giron girons giros gismo glair glairs glamor glamors glans glia glias glim glims glioma gliomas gloam gloams glom gloms gloria glorias gm gnar gnarl gnarls gnars go goa goal goals goas gonia gor goral gorals gos grail grails grain grains gram grams gran grans grim grin grins grison groan groans groin groins ignorami ii iii il ilia imago imagos imino in inarm inarms inga inia inro ins ion ions ira iring iris irising iron irons is isling ism isogram la lag lags lain lair lairing lairs lam laming lams lang lar largo largos lari laris larn lars las lasing li liaising liaison liang liangs liar liars ligan ligans ligroin ligroins lii liii lima liman limans limas limina liming limn limns limo limos lin ling linga lingam lingams lingas lingo lings lino linos lins lion lions lira liras liri lis lm lo loam loaming loams loan loans log logan logans logia logs loin loins loir long longs loran lorans loris lorn losing ma mag magi mags mail mailing mailings mails main mains mair mairs malign maligns malinois malison man mango mangos mano manor manors manos mans mar margin margins marl marlin marling marlings marlins marls mars mas mason mg mi mig migs mil milia milo milos mils min mina minas mini minis minor minors mir mirasol miri miring miro mirs mis misalign mislain miso ml mo moa moan moans moas mog mogs moil moiling moils moira moirai mol mola molar molars molas mols mon monal monas monilia mons mor mora moral moralising morals moras morgan morgans morn morns mors mos ms na nag nagi nags nail nails nam naoi naos naris ng nigra nil nilgai nilgais nils nim nims nisi nm no nog nogs noil noils noir noirs nom noma nomas nomia noms nor nori noria norias noris norm normal normals norms nos oar oaring oars ogam ogams ogrism oil oiling oilman oilrig oils ola olm om oms on onagri ons or ora oral oralism orals orang orangs organ organism organs orgasm origami origamis origan origans origin original originals origins ornis ors os osar rag ragi ragis rags rail railing railings rails rain rains raisin raising ram rami rams ramson ran rang rani ranis ransom ras rasing ria rial rials rias rig rigs riling rim rima riming rims rin ring rings rins rising roam roaming roams roan roans roil roiling roils rom roman romans roms rosin rosing sag sago sail sailing sailor saimin sain sal salmi salmon salon sang sari sarin sarong si sial sigil sigloi sigma sign signal signior signiori signor signora signori silo siloing sim sima simal simar simian similar simlin sin sing sir siring sirloin slag slain slam slang slim sliming sling slog slogan smiling smilo smog snag snail snarl snog so soar soaring soil soiling sol sola solan solar soli soling som soma soman son sonar song sora sori soring sorn sr sri

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