1 Definitions of Ornithopter

The meaning of the word ornithopter, the definition of Ornithopter:

noun.artifact - heavier-than-air craft that is propelled by the flapping of wings

The word "ornithopter" uses 11 letters: E H I N O O P R R T T

No direct anagrams for ornithopter found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after ornithopter, or to ornithopter in any order:

a - prototherian   c - trichopteron   s - ornithopters   y - thyroprotein  

Shorter words found within ornithopter:

eh en enroot eon ephor ephori er ern err et eth ethion he heir hen hent hep her heriot heritor hern hero heroin heron het hi hie hin hint hinter hip hire hirer hit hitter ho hoe hoer hon hone honer honor honorer hoop hooper hoot hooter hootier hop hope hoper horn hornet hornier hornito horrent hot hotpot hotter hr ie in inept inert inro inter intertroop into intort intro ion ire iron irone ironer it ither ne neo net netop nett nip nit nite niter nitre nitro no noh noir noo nope nor nori norite north norther not note noter nother nth oe oh oho on one onto ooh oorie oot op ope open operon ophite opine opt option or ore oreo orient orpin orpine ort ortho orthopter other otter otto pe peh pein pen pent peon per peri pernio perron pert pet petit petti petto phi phon phone phoner phonier phono phot photo photon pht pi pie pier pierrot pin pine pinot pint pinto pion pirn pit pith piton poet poh poi point pointe pointer pone pooh poon poor poorer poori poortith pore porn pornier porno port portent porter portion pot potent pother potion potter pottier potto preriot pretor prier print printer prion prior pro prone pronto protei protein proto proton pterin pterion re rei rein rent rep repin repo repoint report repot reprint repro ret retint retorn retort retro rhetor rhino rho rin riot rioter rip ripe ripen riper rite ritter roe roneo root rooter rootier rope roper ropier rot rote roti roto rotor rotte rotten rotter te ten tenor tent tenth tern territ tet teth tetri the thein their then thin thine thio thir tho thorite thorn thornier thoro thoron thorp thorpe thrip thro throe throne ti tie tier tin tine tinpot tint tinter tip tiptoe tire tiro tit titer tithe tither titre to toe toit ton tone toner tonier too toon toot tooter tooth toothier top tope toper toph tophe tophi topi topoi tor tore torero tori torn toro torot toroth torpor torr torrent tort torte torten tortoni tot tote toter tother tret trier trine trio trip tripe trite triter triton tritone trone troop trooper trop trope tropin tropine trot troth

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