1 Definitions of Orthochorea

The meaning of the word orthochorea, the definition of Orthochorea:

noun.state - a form of chorea in which spasms occur mainly when the patient is erect

The word "orthochorea" uses 11 letters: A C E H H O O O R R T

No direct anagrams for orthochorea found in our database.

Shorter words found within orthochorea:

ace ache achoo acre act actor ae aero ah ahchoo ar arc arch archer arco are art at ate cahoot car care carer caret carr carrot cart carte carter cat cate cater cero cert chao char chare charr charro chart charter chat cheat cheroot chert chetah cheth chore chorea coat coater coho cohoe cohort coo cooer coot cooter cor core corer cot cote crate crater creator crore each ear earth eat eath echo echt eh er era err et eta etch eth ha hae haet hah hao hare hart hat hatch hatcher hate hater hath he hear heart hearth heat heath hector heh her hero het heth ho hoar hoe hoer hooch hoorah hoot hootch hooter hora horah hot hotch hr oar oat oater oath oca ocher ochre ochrea ocrea oe oh oho ooh oot ootheca or ora orach orache orate orator orc orca ore oreo orra ort ortho otc other otorrhea race racer rachet rah rare rat ratch rate rater rath rathe rather rato re reach react reactor rear rec rechart recta recto rector ret retch retro rhea rhetor rho roach roar roc rochet roe root rooter rot rota rotch rotche rote roto rotor ta tace tach tache taco tae tahr tao tar tare taro taroc tarre te tea teach tear tec tech terra thae the theca tho thoro thro throe to tocher toe toea too tor tora torah torc torch tore torero toro torr trace tracer trocar trochar troche

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